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This is a very small example presenting how OSGi can be used to assembly a swing application at runtime. The bundles are basic enough to be run in any osgi environment.

For simplicity here's a quick start using Apache Karaf:

1) do a "mvn clean install" in the root directory (I've added a parent pom for building all projects at once)
2) download the latest version of Apache Karaf ( for your platform
3) extract the server and start it using ./bin/karaf or bin\karaf.bat
4) install all bundles by issuing the following commands:
4.1) install mvn:ase/ase.api/1.0-SNAPSHOT
4.2) install mvn:ase/ase.provider1/1.0-SNAPSHOT
4.3) install mvn:ase/ase.provider2/1.0-SNAPSHOT
4.4) install mvn:ase/ase.consumer/1.0-SNAPSHOT
5) Use the "la" command to list and show your installed bundles
6) Use the "start BUNDLE_ID" and "stop BUNDLE_ID" commands to play around a bit
7) If you want to continue the development on the example issue the "dev:watch *" command (which would reload all new builds of any of your components automatically)
8) Have fun :-)