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Decentralized Data Marketplace (DDM)

This is an implementation of a decentralized data marketplace using blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies.

There are two sets of parties that would use DDM - sellers and buyers. Sellers use DDM to post descriptions of data products using IPFS and an Ethereum smart contracts, which buyers can search and browse to find data of interest to them. In the current implementation, the buyer can then use SDPP (Streaming data payment protocol) to connect to an data server hosted by the seller to get and pay for streaming data, useful for IoT applications. Currently SDPP (and hence DDM) supports payment for data using the IOTA cryptocurrency, though this could be extended to other cryptocurrencies. In principle the seller data registry could also be implemented using alternatives to IPFS and Ethereum. The following picture illustrates shows how DDM works:

DDM architecture illustration

This is version 1.0, DDM is still under development. The current prototype does not implement ratings, curated recommendations, or sophisticated search mechanisms, these are left to future versions.

Video Demo

A video demo of DDM

More Reading



This repository has to be cloned on your machine to install Trinity.

Step 1

git clone

And then,

cd DDM/

Step 2

The DDM user interface is required to sell, find, or buy data. Please follow the instructions given below to bring up the interface.

- cd ddm_web/
- npm install
- npm start
- Open localhost:3000/ in your browser! 

Step 3

A seller can register a new product using the register product tab by entering a product description. In addition, the seller should run the seller server by executing the following commands:

- cd ../sdpp_seller/
- python3

Step 4

A buyer can search and buy data products using search tab. The user interface allows the buyer to select the data product and pay for it using the SDPP protocol.


When contributing to this repository, please first discuss the change you wish to make via issue, email, or any other method with the owners of this repository before making a change.


Copyright (c) 2018, Autonomous Networks Research Group, USC. See this file for more details.