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"The Fifth (Render) Element" (educational raytracer)
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"The Fifth (Render) Element" (educational raytracer)

This is the code for the v5 FMI raytracing course. The course site is

How to set it up on your machine

On Windows:

Open Git Bash in "scripts/" and type ./, then follow the instructions. This will install SDL and OpenEXR in a SDK/ subdirectory of the project, copy SDL.dll to this directory, and copy the project files from the versioned templates to a local, untracked copy.

On Linux and Mac OS X:

Use your package manager (apt, yum/dnf, or brew) to install SDL-1.2 (package names libsdl-dev or SDL-devel or similar) and OpenEXR (libopenexr-dev, OpenEXR-devel, etc). If you're using Code::Blocks, copy the .cbp file from projfiles/ to this directory and rename it to fray.cbp

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