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# You need to set TARGET, MCU and SOURCES for your project.
# TARGET is the name of the executable file to be produced
# $(TARGET).elf $(TARGET).hex and $(TARGET).txt nad $(TARGET).map are all generated.
# The TXT file is used for BSL loading, the ELF can be used for JTAG use
TARGET = out
#MCU = msp430fr5969
MCU = msp430f1611
BUILD = build
SOURCES = $(wildcard src/*.c)
SOURCES += $(wildcard src/peripherals/*.c)
SOURCES += $(wildcard src/lib/*.c)
SOURCES += $(wildcard src/peripherals/msp/*.c)
#SOURCES = $(foreach file,${SOURCES_A},$(notdir ${file}))
INCLUDES = -I/usr/local/msp430/include -Isrc/include
CFLAGS = -mmcu=$(MCU) -O2 -g -Wall -Wunused $(INCLUDES)
ASFLAGS = -mmcu=$(MCU) -x assembler-with-cpp -Wa,-gstabs
LDFLAGS = -mmcu=$(MCU) -Wl,-Map=$(TARGET).map
CC = msp430-gcc
LD = msp430-gcc
AS = msp430-gcc
OBJCOPY = msp430-objcopy
SIZE = msp430-size
MAKETXT = srec_cat
CP = cp -p
RM = rm -f
#SOURCES = codingStateMachine.c adc.c
#OBJECTS = $(wildcard *.c)
OBJECTS_O = $(patsubst %.o,build/%.o,$(OBJECTS))
#OBJECTS_O = $(prefix build, $(OBJECTS))
#OBJECTS = codingStateMachine.o adc.o
#$(OBJECTS): | build
all: $(TARGET).elf $(TARGET).hex $(TARGET).txt
echo "Linking $@"
$(CC) $(OBJECTS_O) $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS) -o $@
echo ">>>> Size of Firmware <<<<"
$(SIZE) $(TARGET).elf
%.hex: %.elf
$(OBJCOPY) -O ihex $< $@
%.txt: %.hex
$(MAKETXT) -O $@ -TITXT $< -I
unix2dos $(TARGET).txt
# The above line is required for the DOS based TI BSL tool to be able to read the txt file generated from linux/unix systems.
%.o: %.c
# echo $(OBJECTS_O)
mkdir -p build/$(dir $<)
echo "Compiling $<"
$(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) -o build/$@ $<
# rule for making assembler source listing, to see the code
%.lst: %.c
$(CC) -c $(ASFLAGS) -Wa,-anlhd $< > $@
echo $(SOURCES)
echo $(OBJECTS)
mkdir -p $@
.PHONY: clean
-$(RM) $(TARGET).*
-$(RM) $(SOURCES:.c=.lst)