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NEM Microwallet

NEM Blockchain Chrome Extension wallet

This repository contains the source code for the NEM Microwallet, a Chrome extension that allows the user to have some of the NEM features in a fast and accessible way.

You can get the extension downloading it at the Chrome Webstore.


At this moment, the NEM Microwallet has the following features:

  • Creation, importing and exporting of Mainnet, Testnet and Mijin wallets.
  • Login with Trezor.
  • Transaction creation and sending containing:
    • Recipient  + XEM Amount
    • Message
  • Send mosaics
  • Visualization of address and balance.
  • Visualization of outcoming, incoming and unconfirmed transactions.
  • Automatic refresh of balance and transactions.
  • Visualization of QR Address

Please don't hesiate to open feature request issues in this repository, we'll kindly appreciate them.


Please feel free to fork this repository and propose pull requests, after being reviewed they'll be merged and the changes will be uploaded at the Chrome Webstore.

Build and use your own release

To build your own release (if you don't trust the one deployed at the Chrome Webstore) you have to follow this simple steps:

  1. Open a console.
  2. Clone this repository with:
git clone
  1. Access the project folder with:
cd nem-microwallet
  1. Install all dependencies with:
npm install
  1. (If you don't have Browserify installed) Install Browserify:
npm install -g browserify
  1. Build your release with:
  1. Enjoy your release at the dist folder.

With this folder you can now load your own release to your Chrome Browser going to chrome://extensions, enabling developer mode and selecting your dist folder as an unpacked extension.


This repository is under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 3.

This program may be freely distributed, as long as this notice and documentation are distributed with the program. This program is released as-is, with no warranty expressed or implied.