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IoT doorbell with an attitude
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Snarky Doorbell

Snarky Doorbell is an IoT doorbell with an attitude. Instead of a monotonic "ding-dong", it responds with a snarky voice comment whenever our office doorbell is rung.


Read a longer blog post on how this was built, or watch a project build video from YouTube.


  • Several custom voice personals ("Easily excitable manager")
  • Settings (voice, language, volume) can be changed via buttons on the front panel
  • Built-in WiFi HTTP RESTful API server (statistics on doorbell rings)
  • Open source project plans
  • Non-intrusive integration with the existing doorbell system (uses the same doorbell button)

Project Structure

  • ansible/ - Ansible playbook for installing and configuring the Raspberry "brain"
  • doc/ - Misc documentation files (voice persona lines)
  • firmware/ - Arduino firmware for the doorbell RF receiver module
  • hardware/ - Hardware schematics
  • src/ - Python daemon (doorbell controller) and webserver code for the Raspberry
  • wav/ - Doorbell ringtones


The doorbell has "ringtones" of different voices and styles. Voice files are under wav/voices, split into three sub-folders:

  • english
  • estonian
  • system (system speech, ie "volume maximum")

Voice Actor Credits

Doorbell voices were graciously recorded by:

  • Julian Linke
  • Maarit Cimolonskas
  • Harles Paesüld
  • Tormi Tuuling
  • Kaupo Toom
  • Ken Kanarik
  • Nele Sergejeva
  • Ando Roots
  • Maria Liiger
  • Rauno Meronen
  • Tanel Sirp
  • Toivo Värbu


Built with love and buckets of mischief by Ando Roots.

This project (software, schematics and recorded voices) are licenced under Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0).

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