Attiny powered RF remote for a wireless doorbell
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Tiny Doorbell Remote

These are the project files (hardware schematic and Arduino firmware code) for a small remote-control module that acts as an auxiliary remote to a wireless doorbell.

PCB module



The hardware is built around the Attiny85 IC and a cheap 434 RF link transmitter.

A Fritzing schematic is in the hardware folder.

The circuit runs on a single 3V battery and consumes

  • 65 μA while on standby mode
  • 7.5mA while transmitting

Estimated battery lifetime: at least 60 days.


Signal comparison: original doorbell remote vs replicated signal

The decoded signal for my doorbell was 0000111010011100 (or 0E9C in hex). The original and replicated signal recordings are in the signal-recordings folder. Open them with Audacity.


There are some general guidelines and files in the api directory for creating a HTTP POST endpoint on a Raspberry Pi, to control the module via the web.