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Tiny Doorbell Remote API

These are the components that can be installed on a Raspberry Pi for the purposes of creating a HTTP POST endpoint that triggers an active-low GPIO pin where the trigger of the doorbell remote is connected.


You need a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian, PHP, Python, Apache2 and Python GPIO installed.

These are not step-by-step install instructions but guidelines. Some expertise is assumed.


Copy virtualhost.conf into /etc/apache2/sites-available/ and enable it with a2ensite.


If you set the virtualhost to listen on a non-standard HTTP port, edit Apache2's ports.conf and add a Listen directive.

Listen 8081

Web Files

Copy index.php and to the Pi. The index file should be in the webroot, this is where HTTP requests come in. The Python file actually activates the GPIO pins.


Allow the python script to execute by adding a visudo rule:

www-data ALL=NOPASSWD:/var/doorbell/


Protect the web endpoint with a .htpasswd file.


Send a POST request to the index.php endpoint. The script replies with a JSON exit status and hopefully activates the doorbell.