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Book Keeper

Book Keeper lets you keep track of what you’re currently reading, what you want to read next, and what have finished reading. You can think of it like a todo-list for books.

Safari doesn’t seem to handle DELETE requsets properly, so I would recommend using Firefox or Chrome.

  • Framework:
  • Security: Basic Auth + bcrypt (OAuth and CSRF is out of the project scope)
  • Deployment: Heroku + PostgreSQL

There is a live demo hosted on Heroku.


# heroku will provide this as an environment variable
export DATABASE_URL=postgresql://[user[:password]@][netloc][:port][/dbname]

# setup virtualenv and install dependencies
pipenv install
pipenv run 8080

Deploy with: git push heroku master



  • Book Object: {"title": "", "author": "", ...}
  • Book Status: {"status": "now|next|done"}

Demo Accounts:

  • username: guest, password: sixtimesnine
  • username: admin, password: lifeuniverse


GET (200)

Fetch all books from your library:

curl -u username:password localhost:8080/book
>>> {"now": [...], "next": [...], "done": [...]}

POST (201)

Add a new book to your library:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -u username:password \
localhost:8080/book --data '{"book": {"title": "Ubik", "author": "Philip K. Dick"}, "status": "now"}'
>>> {"book_id": 13, "book": {"title": "Ubik", "author": "Philip K. Dick"}, "status": "now"}


GET (200)

Fetch a specific book using its ID:

curl -u username:password localhost:880/book/42
>>> {"book_id": 42, "book": {"title": "1984", "author": "George Orwell"}, "status": "next"}

PATCH (200)

Update some information about a book in your library:

# [ { "op": "status", "value": "now|next|done" },
#   { "op": "book", "value": {...} } ]
curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X PATCH -u username:password \
localhost:8080/book/42 --data '[{"op":"status","value":"done"}]'
>>> {"updated": [{"book_id": 42, "book": {"title": "1984", "author": "George Orwell"}, "status": "done"}]}

DELETE (204)

Remove a book from your library:

curl -x DELETE -u username:password localhost:8080/book/42


Reset the database and add populate it with some demo data. Only the admin user can do this.

curl -u admin:password localhost:8080/reset
>>> {"success": "Database initialized."}


Example error object:

curl -u username:password localhost:8080/book/42
>>> {"error": "Exception('Book Not Found',)"}



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