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Wekan auto-installation script

Tested on Ubuntu Server 14.04.4 LTS but it should work on any Debian based distribution.

This scripts automates the installation process for Wekan v0.10.1

It automatically downloads and installs the following packages:

  • make, gcc, g++, build-essential, libssl-dev (needed for wekan compilation)
  • mongodb-server (NoSQL database)
  • nvm (installs NodeJS v0.10.40)
  • forever (runs NodeJS applications at the background forever)
  • wekan v0.10.1


Before you start the installation, you can edit the script to change some parameters, such as:

  • NODE_VERSION (default is v0.10.40 which is required for running Wekan v0.10.1. I suggest NOT CHANGING IT since it could break the service)
  • MONGO_URL (default is mongodb://
  • ROOT_URL (default is
  • PORT (defaults is set to 8080)
  • MAIL_URL (the format is 'smtp://')
  • PIDFILE (default is /var/run/
  • LOGFILE (default is /var/run/Wekan.log)


Run as root:

$ chmod +x
$ ./

As a plus, the script configures Wekan as a service which autostarts at boot.

After the installation is complete, you have the option to start the service or to reboot the system.


You can manually start the service as root by typing:

$ /etc/init.d/wekan start

Access your installation

After the service is started you can access your fresh wekan installation by pointing your browser to:


The default port is set to 8080 in case you have another web server running at port 80.


In case want to reconfigure the service to run at a different port after the you run the script, you must edit the service file using your favorite file editor, for ex.

$ nano /etc/init.d/wekan

Change any parameters you want, save and exit. After that you must update the autostart service script. To do so run as root:

$ update-rc.d -f wekan remove && update-rc.d wekan defaults

For the changes to take effect you should restart the service. I recommend rebooting your system, since the previous service could be still running.

Wekan Virtual Appliance

I have prepared a ready to run, Ubuntu based (Ubuntu 14.04.4 Server - amd64) Virtual Machine with Wekan preinstalled. All you need is a VirtualBox installation. You can download the appliance directly from (~689MB) or from the releases page at

  • username: wekan
  • password: wekan


Wekan auto-installation script and Virtual Appliance






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