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bgaas: Bad Guys As A Service

Bad Guys As A Service (bgaas) is software for querying export restrictions like the Denied Persons List.


Install dependencies:

$ pip install -r src/requirements.txt


$ python src/ <options> <command> <parameters>


Note: Most of this is not yet implemented!

Update Lists

$ bgaas update


$ bgaas query agnese

returns results for the query "agnese" from all included lists.


$ bgaas map agnese


The pronunciation of bgaas is user selectable: either "bee gas" or "big a**".


bgaas software and documentation are licensed under the Apache License. We make no claim to any data provided by governments. Some government sample data is included, for testing purposes.


bgaas is written in Python.


Pull requests, feature ideas, and bug reports are welcome. You must agree to license any submitted code under the Apache License or it will be rejected.

The repository is on GitHub at:

To-Do List

  • Improve repository structure (see Open Sourcing a Python Project the Right Way)
  • Parse Consolidated Screening List data file (instructions)
  • Document URLs of main raw list data
  • Document update frequency of each main list
  • Document command-line procedures for working with the main arms control lists (e.g., with grep, csvkit)
  • Scrapers for debarment list
    • Parse Excel file
    • Parse HTML
  • Scraper for other US lists
  • Identify non-US lists
  • Mapping engine for plotting results, perhaps using Kartograph and Natural Earth
  • Write installation instructions

Further Reading