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Commits on Jun 18, 2012
  1. work on exposing things that are made private so only OSGI could reac…

    …h them to attach to them, forcing people to use OSGI even if the code could otherwise work in plain old java
  2. add some notes about why MainDataFileProvider is specifically designe…

    …d to be completely useless outside of OSGI
  3. add ONManagerImpl method to allow non-OSGI users to avoid the Map con…

    …figuration method and use a typesafe specific method to set variables
  4. add initialise method to ClerezzaOntologyProvider to allow direct con…

    …figuration of 4 more variables
  5. add new constructor in ClerezzaOntologyProvider to make it possible f…

    …or non-OSGI users to explicitly set ClerezzaOntologyProvider.tcManager
  6. open up direct setting of ontology directories in OfflineConfiguratio…

    …nImpl, without using the hacky and prone to breakage Dictionary/Map approach that OSGI uses
  7. also switch off apibinding compile dependency in ontologymanager

    now only owlapi-api.jar (with its ~503 classes) is needed at compile time
    this makes it easy for anyone to substitute alternate implementations of OWLOntologyManagerFactory
  8. switch off compile time dependency on owlapi-apibinding and convert i…

    …t to runtime to reflect the recent changes that have made hard dependencies on OWLManager not necessary anymore
  9. cleanup ONManagerImpl

  10. specify OWLOntologyManager instance in test specifically so it is not…

    … derived from a singleton somewhere
  11. remove TcManager.getInstance calls from another test to keep the test…

    … isolated from the rest of the world
  12. fix bug caused by the creation of a ClerezzaOntologyProvider without …

    …an activation, as the activation is not called internally anymore
  13. fix bugs caused by the inadvertant use of a singleton method instead …

    …of the instance based alternatives
  14. remove MockOsgiContext so tests are truly isolated and can now be run…

    … in parallel
    also removed the BeforeClass annotations and converted them to Before
  15. cleanup tests so they do not have static variables that they require …

    …for each test, meaning they can now be run in parallel safely
  16. cleanup RegistryManagerImpl so it is readable

    also make activate(Map<String,Object>) method public as there is no reason to be OSGI centric and only provide access to it internally with OSGI for any external use.
  17. use OWLOntologyManagerFactoryRegistry instead of OWLManager

    OWLOntologyManagerFactoryRegistry is a service provider interface front to track OWLManagerFactory instances using META-INF/services property files which can in turn provide OWLManager instances.
  18. fix .equals and map RDFFormat.RDFXML to the string RDF/XML

    there is no native mapping between Rio RDFFormat and the jena hardcoded strings method, as Jena RIOT does not currently support mime-types
  19. fix RunSingleSPARQL

    jena doesn't support mime type to reader matching, so we have to manually map things
  20. switch RunSingleSPARQL back to using Jena for inference to fix test

    the previously ignored test was due to the fact that it relies on jena for inference, there are no reasoners attached to the OWLAPI model, so it doesn't classify the ontology
  21. add ontologymanager profile to build by default

    the full profile is still available, but is disabled by default to allow simple building of just the ontology manager
  22. replace 0.10.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT with 0.20-SNAPSHOT

    replace 0.10.0-incubating with 0.20-SNAPSHOT
    bump to current jena releases and remove concat and createuri functions that are now in sparql 1.1
    switch to using owlapi-apibinding from
    this includes switching formats to a standard location and switching to 3.4-SNAPSHOT
    add more explicit dependencies to owlapi
    fix API breakage after update
    fix api breakage caused by moving the formats to a single package
    add junit to test scope for reengineer.base
    fix api breakage caused by format change
    bump versions and scopes to match clerezza from
    move more tests to src/test/java and export them as test-jar dependencies
    migrate Dictionary to Map to provide backwards compatibility with the ancient OSGI interface while allowing the modern Map interface for programmatic access
    pom.xml changes
    remove unused dependency
    bump osgi to 4.2.0 to match clerezza
    replace another use of Dictionary with Map
    remove another unused dependency on stanbol.testing
    replace more uses of Dictionary with Map
    bump some apache commons versions
    pom.xml changes
    reverse dependency direction between stanbol.commons.owl and stanbol.commons.web.base
    this enables the use of the owl module without requiring web.base and all of its dependencies
    Revert "reverse dependency direction between stanbol.commons.owl and stanbol.commons.web.base"
    This reverts commit 80829534a9b910f5befb30b52470db60099edf53.
    update parent version to a distinct number
    version and clerezza dependency upgrades to use a standard value, and to use com.github.ansell.clerezza to get patches
    rough translation to initialise the conversion process from jena to sesame
    start migrating the modules that I want to use to clerezza+sesame+rdfformat+closeableiteration
    get ontonet compiling with com.github.ansell.clerezza
    patch src/main/java in commons/owl
    patch src/test/java in commons/owl
    more compiler error fixes
    patch commons/web/base so that all dependencies of ontologymanager.registry and ontologymanager.ontonet compile with com.github.ansell.clerezza
    make default reactor only compile the ontologymanager dependencies to make it fast for my purposes
    explicitly add a dependency to owlapi-rdfxml
    patch commons/ldpath/clerezza
    remove jsonld until the specification is stable and the implementation matches the specification
    definitely no point in having it as the default format for stanbol
    minor changes to commons/owl/pom.xml
    compile fixes to other ontologymanager components
    exclude serql query parser
    fix missing dependency due to m2e refactoring mistake
    minor fix
    work on the failing test
    ignore RunSingleSPARQL
    avoid one level of pointless recursion in ClerezzaOntologyProvider
Commits on Jun 15, 2012
  1. @westei

    fixes STANBOL-659: changed dependency of the factstore to commons.web…

    westei committed
    ….base from "0.10.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT" to 0.9.0-incubating.
    NOTE: "0.10.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT" was wrong in any case, because the trunk now uses 0.10.1.
    git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
  2. @westei

    fixes STANBOL-659:

    westei committed
    * JSON-LD now sorts properties alphabetical
    * roles in the factstore are also sorted alphabetical
    * adapted unit/integration test to not depend on the serialisation of RDF triples
    git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
Commits on Jun 12, 2012
  1. @westei

    STANBOL-608: Upgrade Apache Sling dependencies: Most important the sl…

    westei committed
    * added required javax.** packages that are no longer exported by the sling launcher to the Stanbol framework fragment (see comment to STANBOL-608 for details)
    * switched to javax.servlet 1.5
    Upgraded to Apache Felix Web Console 4.0.0
    * including WebConsole plugin changes
    * added "org.apache.geronimo.bundles:json:20090211_1" bundle to stanbolcommons bundle list. This exports "org.json" now required by the Felix Web Console 4.0.0
    * changed start level for WebConsole so that it starts after the common bundles (especially 'json' and 'commons-fileupload')
    * Adapted OSGI console test because the /shell subpath is no longer available. Added test for missing Web Console tabs.
    git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
  2. @westei
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