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An exploration of persistent AR in the browser leveraging ARKit to simulate centimeter accurate GPS. Uses webxr-ios to fetch arkit maps into the browser. In combination with a gps location, we can compute the gps location for other anchors that are placed in the environment.

A client/server architecture is used where maps associated with a gps location can be saved to the server and then fetched by clients at that gps location. In addition any user placed features can also be retrieved.


You need webxr-ios to view this page - build the develop branch at : . Remember to build the develop branch...

This app itself is a nodejs app, it can be installed and run like so locally (although I recommend using glitch for https and geolocation support):

npm install npm run (or node server.js)

It will print out an http:// address:port to go to (* using the webxr-ios browser above) and this will bring up a client ux.


The client web app usage is as follows:

  1. Go to the web page above or if you're using glitch then goto that web page (* using the webxr-ios browser)
  2. Login Page: Pick a name for the shared server environment (which you are running above with npm)
  3. Map Picker Page: Pick a map or "a fresh map"
  4. Main Page Save Map Button: To make and save a map first scan your world carefully, place a gps anchor, then save the map (this is an admin power detected based on your webxr-ios build)
  5. Main Page Save Art Button: Place art objects in the world
  6. Main Page Edit Button: Edit selected art object properties such as the art assets they are associated with or their gps location.
  7. Main Page Participant location button: Updates your position over the network so that other players can see where you are.

Future Ideas

user experience

	- letting users select and scale, rotate, move, cut, paste, recolor, relabel objects with manipulators
	- group select
	- filter by topic, tags, sponsor etc, maybe filter by upvotes or score, maybe fade out old content
	- pin relative to other objects
	- animations and behaviors
	- triggers and sensors
	- admin mode or something for correctly placing point clouds at a gps?
	- some kind of nudging to let you fiddle with alignment issues
	- first person mode
	- a globe render mode or top view map mode
	- a list mode

properties per thing
	- title
	- link
	- location
	- time
	- radius etc
	- kind? maybe or some way of saying if it is meant to be global or street level
	- score maybe; objective? over time? like is it good content or bad content
	- privacy
	- semantic hints
	- maybe even an associated photo hint
	- tagging, layering, or grouping
	- urgency; signaling
	- origin and anchor type - is the parent a location
	- we could send the planes themselves if we want; and even the features

+ some kind of public channel - that we may curate by hand or that are scored up in some way
+ i wonder if there are actual behaviors that i can render on objects