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You are free to translate Torchie to your language(s) or make suggestions/corrections to translations


  • 'English' is the default language
  • All translations or suggestions are done against the latest default strings.xml (English) file

##How to contribute

###For new translation

  1. Download (or copy the contents of) the latest default strings.xml
  2. Open the file and replace the English strings with your language alternative
  3. Mail the completed strings.xml to along with following information
  • Your xda username or nickname
  • If you're not in, mention your blog/website address

###For corrections/suggestions

  1. Navigate to /res folder in `dev branch
  2. Find the strings.xml file in values-<LANGUAGE-IDENTIFIER> directory
  3. Fork and Edit the project to make corrections/suggestions
  4. Give a pull request

##Language Identifiers See the list of locales and their corresponding identifiers here

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