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Interesting Modules

This is a curated list of interesting SS3 modules. I'll try my best to keep it up to date. If you have anything to add or change, please do so by submitting a ticket or a pull request.

NOTE: has become the go-to place for searching for SilverStripe addons and themes. As it will develop, this list will become of less interest. Not all modules are on Packagist (and thus on yet though, so it's recommendable to have a look at both, and also to do your own research.


Module  Notes
Blog The blog module allows you to post blogs on your SilverStripe.
Userforms UserForms enables CMS users to create dynamic forms via a drag and drop interface and without getting involved in any PHP code.
Forum Forum module for SilverStripe CMS
Galleries Foldergallery module for SS3, Frank Mullenger's Simple Gallery, DisplayAnything3
Dataobject as Pages This is a simple module for adding dataobject as pages functionality on silverstripe 3, can be used for news, products or anything you can think of that doesnt need to appear in the sitetree.
Slideshow Slideshow module for ss3 based on jQuery Cycle plugin.
Event Calendar
iFrame Add an iFrame pagetype to SilverStripe, to show content from another website
Memberprofiles A module to allow the creation of registration and profile management pages with custom fields and validation.
News A basic news article module, including page types and functionality common to a news archive
News A basic news article module that doesn't use the SiteTree to prevent clutter. Supports comments, tags and url-history.
Contact Form By Uncle Cheese/Bluehouse Group

Third Party Integrations

Module  Notes


CMS Customization

Module  Notes
Dashboard The Dashbaord module provides a splash page for the CMS in SilverStripe 3 with configurable widgets that display relevant information.
Widgets Previously I've used other branches, but it seems, this one is the current now
Silverstripe Lite simple CMS interface for final clients
Menu Manager The menu management module is for creating custom menu structures when the site tree hierarchy just won't do.
Custom Menus Adds the ability to create multiple menu's in the CMS and then render them using a custom control
insideManual Add a manual to your SilverStripe backend and assign pagetypes to your chapters, to make a help tab appear whenever someone works on this kind of pagetype
usertemplates A SilverStripe module for creating templates within the CMS that can override those defined in the theme, for both Layout and main templates


Module  Notes
GridFieldRelationHandler This module provides two GridField components that aid in managing relationships within SilverStripe, the GridFieldHasOneRelationHandler (provides radio buttons for selecting the object that the has_one points to) and the GridFieldManyRelationHandler (provides check boxes for selecting the objects that a has_many or many_many point to)
GridFieldBulkEditingTools SilverStripe 3 GridField component set to facilitate bulk image upload, bulk record editing, unlinking and deleting.
SortableGridField Adds drag and drop functionality to SilverStripe 3's GridField
Blog-extension by Tyler This "module" just extends the blog module and decorates the BlogEntry and BlogHolder models to allow managing your blog with the GridField instead of pages - even though they're still pages.
GridfieldAjaxRefresh Adds the ability to either automatically or manually refresh a SilverStripe GridField
GridfieldExtensions 3 components: GridFieldAddExistingSearchButton - a more advanced search form for adding items & GridFieldOrderableRows - drag and drop re-ordering of rows, GridFieldAddNewMultiClass - lets the user select from a list of classes to create a new record from
GridfieldDetailFormAddNew Gives CMS users the ability to add a new item directly from the GridField DetailForm
GridfieldGalleryTheme SS3 GridField component that attempt to change the GridField layout into an basic gallery view. (Still in dev)
InlineGridField excel style gridfield
Pickerfield SilverStripe 3 GridField based management of has_one , has_many , and many_many relationship selection


Module  Notes
Newsletter See also Newsletter Emogrify, and Newsletter, view archive
Largeblog Customised modeladmin interface for managing Blog Entries on large silverstripe sites

Core Functionality Extension

Module  Notes
ShortCodes Don't forget these. See this tutorial (for SS 2.4), and this module (a collection of ShortCodes for SS3).
Sitemap Works with SS3 though the Readme says 2.x
Google Sitemaps
Robots Simple robots generation module
Versioned Files A module to allow for the replacement and version management of asset files
REST Restfulserver and Restassured
ExcludeChildren Exclude children of configurable classes from showing up in the sitetree
VersionedGridfield This module provides a gridfield detail form, with the asscoiated actions required for managing versioned objects, eg SiteTree descendants. This comes in handy especially when using a modeladmin to manage parts of the sitetree.
Datelink Allows you to add wordpress style year/month URLs to time-sensitive sections of your website
Restricted Objects A SilverStripe module to lock down object access, for the CMS as well as non-page objects
Usertemplates A SilverStripe module for creating templates within the CMS that can override those defined in the theme, for both Layout and main templates
Publishable Objects A SilverStripe module for making arbitrary Data Objects publishable
Auth External This module enables you to use external authentication sources for password verification. At the moment this module has 4 drivers. LDAP, FTP, IMAP and HTTPBASIC. The IMAP driver also supports POP3. All drivers support SSL
Optimistic Locking Prevent overwriting data by blocking the save process when the data changed since retrieval (using a timestamp)
Viewcounter Tracks views for any DataObject, can be used to show number of hits or calculate most popular content
Redirection of Legacy URLS old-urls or linkmapping


Module  Notes
Subsites The official subsites module
Multisites Allows for multiple websites to be managed through a single site tree, an alternative module to the Subsites module.

Multi Language Sites

Module  Notes
Langbuilder terminal lang builder for silverstripe3 that creates en.yml files
TranslatableDataObject By Uncle Cheese
Translatable-dataobject By Bummzack

Form Extensions

Module  Notes
Bootstrap Forms Allows the creation of forms compatible with the Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework in SilverStripe
Foundation Forms SilverStripe 3 Forms Compatible with Zurb Foundation Framework
Requiredfieldscms This DataExtension reads the required fields for a DataObject and will add a 'required' class to these fields
Hiddenfields Takes form fields you specified through $hidden_fields and hides them from the edit form
Manymessage This DataExtension adds a notice to CMS form when relations are not available before the form is saved by the user
Description Autopopulate field descriptions to form fields

Custom Fields

Module  Notes
Markdown SilverStripe module that adds a field and a data type that allows for Markdown editing, uses the github api to render the html
HTMLField A CodeMirror-powered HTML field
MultiValueField A fieldtype that makes it possible to store arrays of data (serialised) in the DB. Useful if you have many fields that you don't want to normalise out over many joins
QuickAddNew A decorator for a form field that manages as has_one relation, to allow adding a new object on the fly
Select2 Form field based on select2, which is an extension of the Chosen dropdown
SortableFile An extension that allows sorting of multiple attached images (extends UploadField)
SimpleTreeDropdownField A simple, but flexible alternative for use where the TreeDropdownField isn't suitable.
ZenautocompleteField A basic autocomplete text field using jquery ui
TimepickerField A time picker field based on jQuery UI Timepicker By François Gélinas
Dynamiclists User controlled data lists that can be used in form fields
Colorpicker or by UndefinedOffset, or mlewis-everley
Timezone Dropdownfield
Timezone Awareness ss2.x
i18enum Translatable Enum fieldtype
htmlfield Provides a CodeMirror-powered field for pleasant editing of raw HTML code.
i18-fieldtypes better i18n fieldtypes for currency & date

Spam Protection

Module  Notes


Module  Notes
Addressable from AjShort, or Unce Cheese's Mappable


Module  Notes
FulltextSearch Not released yet - there is a description though


Module  Notes
Retina Images

PDF Rendering

Module  Notes


Module  Notes
Vimeo Service

Data Handling/Presentation

Module  Notes
DMS Document Management System
registry This module allows a website user to search, find details for, and export search results for a particular type of data. One example this could be used for is a listing of staff members.
sitemedia Add and manage a common library of Media from your Pages and DataObjects
Sections Split your page content into manageable blocks/sections of content, each with their own template

Social Media

Module  Notes
Facebook SDK Simple Silverstripe wrapper for the facebook PHP SDK
Opengraph Implementation of the Facebook Opengraph protocol for Silverstripe
Twitter Feed
Connect backend to Twitter This is not a full "user-connect" plugin. It just plugs into the backend to allow backend actions to be published to Social Media. Updates asap.


Module  Notes
Silverstripe Tools Misc tools, including BetterImage, FAQPage, StyledEmail and YoutubeShortCode
Comments Notifications Simple email notifications for comments posted against the Comments module
Framework Test Aids core and module developers in testing their code against a set of sample data and behaviour.
Silverstripe Ipsum A lorem ipsum text generator built on SilverStripe 3
Syncrotron A SilverStripe module for performing automated synchronisation of data between systems
Subtypeable A DataExtension which provides a get_class_dropdown method to DataObjects which can be used to display a list of possible object subtypes in the CMS.
URLDataObject A DataExtension which gives any DataObject a unique URLDataObject field similar to all descendents of SiteTree.

External data

Module  Notes
External Content The base external content module
Static Site Connector Connector plugin for the SilverStripe External Content module that uses web scraping to import content.


Silverstripe core mailing is a little clunky (see ticket)

Module  Notes
SMTP Mailer
Mailer for Postmark
Testmailer (forked by me)
Inline Styles Emailing
Logging mailer (I might have some improvements for this from the PHH app)
Pop3Message Class for retrieving emails from a pop3 server and storing them locally (including attachments)
Email Helpers Silverstripe extension containing SMTP mailer class and some other classes for HTML emails


Module  Notes


Module  Notes
Dynamic Cache Simple on the fly caching of dynamic content for Silverstripe
staticpublishqueue This module allows you to build static HTML caches of every page (for increased security and performance)
Xhprof A ui can be found on

Development Phase

Module  Notes
Securetest Ensures that non-live websites are only accessible with a valid user login

Complete Systems (Sites/Webapps)

Module  Notes
SilverTwit An entire project. Probably some good examples on a SS3 web app
Silverstripe Express
Knowledgebase Knowledge base module for silverstripe; Basic FAQ, categorisation, and article search (SS2.x)
Silverstripe Ipsum A lorem ipsum text generator built on SilverStripe 3

Candidates for SS3 Upgrade

Module  Notes
Genericviews Generic frontend