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Welcome to the modx-boilerplate wiki! Please contribute for improving this wiki!

Get started

Basics of MODX-Boilerplate


978px grid

  • css-file explained

1140px grid (fluid grid)


  • css-files explained
  • further explanation


Additional resources

Sites using MODX-Boilerplate

Get featured here! Please provide your URL and a small description (max. 100 chars) of your site. NOTE: If I think it's not a page we should share here, I reserve to remove it. Please provide in following way: * Name [[]] - description here

  • Novolo Designagentur - design agency in Germany specialized on HTML5 and MODX development and tablet/iPad-publishing / We created this MODX-Boilerplate package.
  • "Flexibility" from Menno Pietersen - "Flexibility" is a HTML5/CSS3/jQuery based frontend MODx Revolution template based on the "MODX Boilerplate". With this package you will have a fully functional website with a contact form, slider and a image gallery.
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