It was my first attempt at a serious project.
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This was my first attempt at a serious project.

  • The project was aimed at making a software which people can use for learning C programming language.
  • The software needed to be self-sufficient in teaching the C Programming Language without external help.
  • The GUI was developed using Visual Studio Express 2010 and the coding was done using Visual Basic 2010.
  • The GUI was iteratively improved over 9 versions (v0.1 to v0.9).
  • Some repetitive tasks were automated using C++. The main task automated was parsing data for creating parts of the Visual Basic code.
  • A Blog( was started for publicizing the product.
  • The development was stopped after finding out that Visual Studio Express's license allowed use for evaluation purposes only.
  • I learnt about publicizing, need of iterative development, need of versioning software and packaging issues after doing this project.