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Report server for the ExtentReports API. * Klov replaces ExtentX.

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Demo 0.1.0:


Download latest copy from

Klov Installation

  1. Install MongoDB 3.2 (other versions may not work correctly) (skip if you have this already)
  2. Install Redis-Server (skip if you do not plan to use Redis, see section "Using Klov Without Redis")
  3. Run Klov:
java -jar klov-0.1.0.jar

MongoDB Settings

You can configure your MongoDB environment settings from

# data.mongodb

Redis settings

You can configure your Redis server settings from

# redis, session

Using Klov without Redis

To use Klov without Redis, simply uncomment this line in


Default admin

user:  root
password:  password

Setting up KlovReporter with ExtentReports API

KlovReporter klov = new KlovReporter();

// specify mongoDb connection
klov.initMongoDbConnection("localhost", 27017);

// specify project
// ! you must specify a project, other a "Default project will be used"

// you must specify a reportName otherwise a default timestamp will be used

// URL of the KLOV server
// you must specify the server URL to ensure all your runtime media is uploaded
// to the server

// finally, attach the reporter: