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apollo13 and dmsimard Add distributed_sqlite db backend and WSGI app
This new feature is an implementation equivalent to the sqlite
middleware from 0.x but in Django instead of Flask.

It uses a WSGI middleware to map an URL to a location on
the filesystem which is then loaded by the database backend.

Fixes: #57

Co-Authored-By: Florian Apolloner <>
Co-Authored-By: David Moreau-Simard <>
Change-Id: I338dae2fabda2af7fd0a75c795c7b4fd6b179940
Latest commit 9b0c08f Jun 14, 2019
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ara_api Add distributed_sqlite db backend and WSGI app Jul 2, 2019
ara_web Switch default branch from feature/1.0 to master Jun 5, 2019
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