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Stop using `buildah mount`

Instead, use `buildah copy` for `put_file` and `buildah run dd` for `fetch_file`
Also, fix pipelining

Borrows a bunch of code from
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jordemort committed Jun 7, 2019
1 parent 04bfcd0 commit 1d1172e742732655f8cb13321b64a2c9ad9e3a18
Showing with 63 additions and 31 deletions.
  1. +63 −31 lib/ansible/plugins/connection/
@@ -41,14 +41,17 @@
# - name: remote_user

import os
import shlex
import shutil

import subprocess
import traceback

import ansible.constants as C
from ansible.errors import AnsibleError
from ansible.module_utils._text import to_bytes, to_native
from ansible.plugins.connection import ConnectionBase, ensure_connect
from ansible.module_utils.six.moves import shlex_quote
from ansible.plugins.connection import ConnectionBase, BUFSIZE
from ansible.utils.display import Display

display = Display()
@@ -78,84 +81,113 @@ def __init__(self, play_context, new_stdin, *args, **kwargs):
def _set_user(self):
self._buildah(b"config", [b"--user=" + to_bytes(self.user, errors='surrogate_or_strict')])

def _buildah(self, cmd, cmd_args=None, in_data=None):
def _buffered_buildah(self, cmd, cmd_args=None, stdin=subprocess.PIPE):
run buildah executable
:param cmd: buildah's command to execute (str)
:param cmd_args: list of arguments to pass to the command (list of str/bytes)
:param in_data: data passed to buildah's stdin
:return: return code, stdout, stderr
:param stdin: passed to subproces.Popen
:return: subprocess.Popen object
local_cmd = ['buildah', cmd, '--', self._container_id]
if cmd_args:
local_cmd += cmd_args
local_cmd = [to_bytes(i, errors='surrogate_or_strict') for i in local_cmd]

display.vvv("RUN %s" % (local_cmd,), host=self._container_id)
p = subprocess.Popen(local_cmd, shell=False, stdin=subprocess.PIPE,
p = subprocess.Popen(local_cmd, shell=False, stdin=stdin,
stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE)

return p

def _buildah(self, cmd, cmd_args=None, in_data=None):
run buildah executable
:param cmd: buildah's command to execute (str)
:param cmd_args: list of arguments to pass to the command (list of str/bytes)
:param in_data: data passed to buildah's stdin
:return: return code, stdout, stderr
p = self._buffered_buildah(cmd, cmd_args)

stdout, stderr = p.communicate(input=in_data)
stdout = to_bytes(stdout, errors='surrogate_or_strict')
stderr = to_bytes(stderr, errors='surrogate_or_strict')
return p.returncode, stdout, stderr

def _connect(self):
no persistent connection is being maintained, mount container's filesystem
so we can easily access it
no persistent connection is being maintained
super(Connection, self)._connect()
rc, self._mount_point, stderr = self._buildah("mount")
self._mount_point = self._mount_point.strip()
display.vvvvv("MOUNTPOINT %s RC %s STDERR %r" % (self._mount_point, rc, stderr))
self._connected = True
if not self._connected:
display.vvv("THIS IS A BUILDAH CONTAINER", host=self._container_id)
self._connected = True

def exec_command(self, cmd, in_data=None, sudoable=False):
""" run specified command in a running OCI container using buildah """
super(Connection, self).exec_command(cmd, in_data=in_data, sudoable=sudoable)

# shlex.split has a bug with text strings on Python-2.6 and can only handle text strings on Python-3
cmd_args_list = shlex.split(to_native(cmd, errors='surrogate_or_strict'))

rc, stdout, stderr = self._buildah("run", cmd_args_list)
rc, stdout, stderr = self._buildah("run", cmd_args_list, in_data)

display.vvvvv("STDOUT %r STDERR %r" % (stderr, stderr))
return rc, stdout, stderr

def _prefix_login_path(self, remote_path):
''' Make sure that we put files into a standard path
If a path is relative, then we need to choose where to put it.
ssh chooses $HOME but we aren't guaranteed that a home dir will
exist in any given chroot. So for now we're choosing "/" instead.
This also happens to be the former default.
Can revisit using $HOME instead if it's a problem
if not remote_path.startswith(os.path.sep):
remote_path = os.path.join(os.path.sep, remote_path)
return os.path.normpath(remote_path)

def put_file(self, in_path, out_path):
""" Place a local file located in 'in_path' inside container at 'out_path' """
super(Connection, self).put_file(in_path, out_path)
display.vvv("PUT %s TO %s" % (in_path, out_path), host=self._container_id)

real_out_path = self._mount_point + to_bytes(out_path, errors='surrogate_or_strict')
to_bytes(in_path, errors='surrogate_or_strict'),
to_bytes(real_out_path, errors='surrogate_or_strict')
rc, stdout, stderr = self._buildah(
[to_bytes(in_path, errors='surrogate_or_strict'),
to_bytes(self._prefix_login_path(out_path), errors='surrogate_or_strict')]
# alternatively, this can be implemented using `buildah copy`:
# rc, stdout, stderr = self._buildah(
# "copy",
# [to_bytes(in_path, errors='surrogate_or_strict'),
# to_bytes(out_path, errors='surrogate_or_strict')]
# )

if rc != 0:
raise AnsibleError("failed to transfer file %s to %s:\n%s\n%s" % (in_path, out_path, stdout, stderr))

def fetch_file(self, in_path, out_path):
""" obtain file specified via 'in_path' from the container and place it at 'out_path' """
super(Connection, self).fetch_file(in_path, out_path)
display.vvv("FETCH %s TO %s" % (in_path, out_path), host=self._container_id)

real_in_path = self._mount_point + to_bytes(in_path, errors='surrogate_or_strict')
to_bytes(real_in_path, errors='surrogate_or_strict'),
to_bytes(out_path, errors='surrogate_or_strict')
in_path = shlex_quote(self._prefix_login_path(in_path))
p = self._buffered_buildah("run", ['dd', 'if=%s' % in_path, 'bs=%s' % BUFSIZE])

with open(to_bytes(out_path, errors='surrogate_or_strict'), 'wb+') as out_file:
chunk =
while chunk:
chunk =
except Exception:
raise AnsibleError("failed to transfer file %s to %s" % (in_path, out_path))
stdout, stderr = p.communicate()
if p.returncode != 0:
raise AnsibleError("failed to transfer file %s to %s:\n%s\n%s" % (in_path, out_path, stdout, stderr))

def close(self):
""" unmount container's filesystem """
super(Connection, self).close()
rc, stdout, stderr = self._buildah("umount")
display.vvvvv("RC %s STDOUT %r STDERR %r" % (rc, stdout, stderr))
self._connected = False

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