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Split on newlines when searching for become prompt

The fix for leading junk in sudo output: fee6e29 causes problems with
ssh + sudo.  On the initial connection using ControlPersist, the output
that we scan for the prompt contains both the command we're sending to
configure the prompt and the prompt itself.  The code in fee6e29 ends up
sending the password when it sees the line configuring the prompt which
is too early.

Switch to a version that splits on lines and then checks whether the
first or last line starts with the prompt to decide if it's time to send
the password.

Fixes #23054
References #20858

(cherry picked from commit 6f77498)
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abadger committed Mar 29, 2017
1 parent c528d8b commit 4a9c5d9574038b80d199daafc9d1273f8a659831
Showing with 5 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +5 −4 lib/ansible/plugins/connection/
@@ -255,10 +255,11 @@ def check_password_prompt(self, b_output):
if self._play_context.prompt is None:
return False
elif isinstance(self._play_context.prompt, string_types):
b_prompt = to_bytes(self._play_context.prompt)
return b_prompt in b_output
return self._play_context.prompt(b_output)
b_prompt = to_bytes(self._play_context.prompt).strip()
b_lines = b_output.splitlines(True)
if not b_lines:
return False
return b_lines[-1].strip().endswith(b_prompt) or b_lines[0].strip().endswith(b_prompt)

def check_incorrect_password(self, b_output):
b_incorrect_password = to_bytes(gettext.dgettext(self._play_context.become_method, C.BECOME_ERROR_STRINGS[self._play_context.become_method]))

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