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@@ -416,23 +416,6 @@ Put your completed module file into the 'library' directory and then
run the command: ``make webdocs``. The new 'modules.html' file will be
built and appear in the 'docsite/' directory.
-You can also test-build your docs one-by-one using the
-```` script:
-.. code-block:: bash
- $ ./hacking/ -t man -M library/ -m git > ansible-git.1
- $ man ./ansible-git.1
-This will build a manpage for the git module, and look in the
-'library/' directory for the module source. To see all the other
-output formats available:
-.. code-block:: bash
- $ ./hacking/ -t --help
.. tip::
If you're having a problem with the syntax of your YAML you can
@@ -146,7 +146,7 @@ def generate_parser():
p.add_option("-A", "--ansible-version", action="store", dest="ansible_version", default="unknown", help="Ansible version number")
p.add_option("-M", "--module-dir", action="store", dest="module_dir", default=MODULEDIR, help="Ansible library path")
p.add_option("-T", "--template-dir", action="store", dest="template_dir", default="hacking/templates", help="directory containing Jinja2 templates")
- p.add_option("-t", "--type", action='store', dest='type', choices=['html', 'latex', 'man', 'rst', 'json', 'markdown', 'js'], default='latex', help="Document type")
+ p.add_option("-t", "--type", action='store', dest='type', choices=['rst'], default='rst', help="Document type")
p.add_option("-v", "--verbose", action='store_true', default=False, help="Verbose")
p.add_option("-o", "--output-dir", action="store", dest="output_dir", default=None, help="Output directory for module files")
p.add_option("-I", "--includes-file", action="store", dest="includes_file", default=None, help="Create a file containing list of processed modules")

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