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mpdehaan committed Sep 11, 2012
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@@ -4,13 +4,19 @@ Ansible Changes By Release
0.8 "Cathedral" -- release pending
* is_set is available for use inside of an only_if expression: is_set('ansible_eth0') # etc
* removes= exists on command just like creates=
* postgresql modules now take an optional port= parameter
* /proc/cmdline info is now available in Linux facts
* public host key detection for OS X
* to_yaml and from_yaml are available as Jinja2 filters
* server side action code (template, etc) are now fully pluggable
+* lineinfile module now uses 'search' not exact 'match' in regexes, making it much more intuitive and not needing regex syntax most of the time
+* $group and $group_names are now accessible in with_items
+* playbooks can import playbooks in other directories and then be able to import tasks relative to them
+* ansible config file can also go in '.ansible.cfg' in cwd in addition to ~/.ansible.cfg and /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg
+* fix for inventory hosts at API level when hosts spec is a list and not a colon delimited string
0.7 "Panama" -- Sept 6 2012

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