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Group depths are incorrectly assigned by the default inventory parser #2016

zsolt-erl opened this Issue · 3 comments

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@zsolt-erl incorrectly calculates group depth. This can cause groups on different levels to have the same depth. In turn this can result in reading the files under 'group_vars/' in the wrong order which means that a higher level group can overwrite a lower level group variable.

Here's the fix for

diff --git a/lib/ansible/inventory/ b/lib/ansible/inventory/
index a460b48..88231a4 100644
--- a/lib/ansible/inventory/
+++ b/lib/ansible/inventory/
@@ -36,7 +36,10 @@ class Group(object):
         if self == group:
             raise Exception("can't add group to itself")
-        group.depth = group.depth + 1
+        group.depth = self.depth + 1

     def add_host(self, host):

Hi @zsolt-erl can you submit this as a pull request?

I'd like to include attribution to you in the source.

See if you need help!


Note that it should be max([group.depth, self.depth + 1]) to get the correct value.


Committed 0ad6ac4 per @dhozac's suggestion

Thanks folks!

@mpdehaan mpdehaan closed this
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