npm module: npm won't install local packages with the global flag #5204

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brianz commented Dec 6, 2013

The npm module will not install packages when both path and global are specified.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Clone an npm module on your local filesystem.
  • Attempt to install globally:
- name: Test
   npm: path=/home/vagrant/compass global=yes state=present
  • Note the package won't be installed.

The issue is that the check for whether this package is missing is done with the --global flag. Because npm list --global has no way of knowing about a local package, it will never notice that the package is missing. A simple fix is to simply add the local package name to the list of missing packages manually when both path and global are specified.

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mpdehaan commented Sep 29, 2014


Thanks very much for your interest in Ansible. It sincerely means a lot to us.

On September 26, 2014, due to enormous levels of contribution to the project Ansible decided to reorganize module repos, making it easier
for developers to work on the project and for us to more easily manage new contributions and tickets.

We split modules from the main project off into two repos, and

If you would still like this ticket attended to, and believe this problem or idea is still present in the latest version of Ansible (1.7.2) or the development branch, we will need your help in having it reopened in one of the two new repos, and instructions are provided below.

We apologize that we are not able to make this transition happen seamlessly, though this is a one-time change and your help is greatly appreciated --
this will greatly improve velocity going forward.

Both sets of modules will ship with Ansible, though they'll receive slightly different ticket handling.

To locate where a module lives between 'core' and 'extras'

Additionally, should you need more help with this, you can ask questions on:

Thank you very much!

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