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0.8 -- make it possible to use with_items with the new $PIPE(cmd) syntax #983

mpdehaan opened this Issue Aug 31, 2012 · 7 comments

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It would be nice to iterate over local files.

This seems to be done best with a with_items like construct.


with_items_from_filesystem: /path/*.foo

and maybe

with_items_from_filesystem_recursive: /path/*.foo

syntax TBD

@mpdehaan mpdehaan was assigned Aug 31, 2012

better: with_items_from_cmd: find . -name *.txt

jpmens commented Aug 31, 2012

with_items_from_pipe ? :)


probably better than arbitrarily dropping vowels :)

tima commented Sep 6, 2012

Why not just with_items_from?

I could see the need to have both files and commands/pipes. Try and execute the value. If that fails try and read it as a file.


new things available already are

$FILE($var) -- returns the contents of the file inline
$PIPE($cmd) -- runs a command -- may need some work

We can't use $PIPE(cmd) with with_items too well yet... I think what we want to do is detect that $PIPE is used in the with_items clause and if so, and if the stdout of the command includes a newline, convert the command results into a list.


I'm going to solve this a little differently and bring pluggable data sources forward a bit, and allow

with_items_glob: foo

where with_items_foo will look for a data module of type foo. Stay tuned, doing this now for 0.8.

$PIPE and $FILE will prob stay around for template usage, though this will be cleaner/easier.


called it with_fileglob instead, see examples/playbooks/loop_plugins.yml

@mpdehaan mpdehaan closed this Oct 13, 2012
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