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Lookup with STS #56551

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Just for now

@@ -100,6 +100,24 @@
debug: msg='key contains {{item.Name}} with value {{item.Value}} '
loop: '{{ query("aws_ssm", "/TEST/test-list", region="ap-southeast-2", bypath=true) }}'
# Example using STS temporary credentials
- name: STS AssumeRole
role_arn: 'arn:aws:iam::<acc_id>:role/<role_name>'
role_session_name: "{{ aws_sts_session_name | default('ansible-session') }}"
region: '<region_name>'

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s-hertel May 29, 2019


In case people copy and paste this, either make '<region_name>' a variable or replace the string with a valid one. Below too. But I think creating temporary credentials for plugins/modules should be documented somewhere more central since this isn't specific to this plugin.

Also, since this plugin uses boto3 a nicer way to do this is use a profile in your config file (usually found at ~/.aws/config) that has a source profile and the role to assume. For example:

# In ~/.aws/credentials:

# In ~/.aws/config
[profile crossaccount]

and then use "{{ lookup('aws_ssm', 'my-parameter', aws_profile='crossaccount'}}" to assume the role instead of needing this first setup task.

changed_when: false
register: assumed_role
- name: Lookup using STS credentials
debug: msg=" {{ lookup('aws_ssm', 'my-parameter', region='<region_name>', aws_access_key=access_key,
aws_secret_key=secret_key, aws_security_token=session_token )}} "
access_key: "{{ assumed_role.sts_creds.access_key }}"
secret_key: "{{ assumed_role.sts_creds.secret_key }}"
session_token: "{{ assumed_role.sts_creds.session_token }}"

from ansible.module_utils._text import to_native
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