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Support vars plugins in collections #61078

wants to merge 17 commits into
base: devel

move var plugins hanlding to own file

	- add whitelisting
	- add 'stage' configuration ('all', 'task', 'inventory') for users to control when they execute.
	- TODO:
		- update ansible-inventory (when playbook dir) and InventoryManager to use them
		- update config, default to host_group_vars, update plugin to use 'stage' config
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bcoca authored and s-hertel committed Aug 14, 2019
commit 8929edc4b652f92023039201a68c91e4eb6f6540
@@ -35,17 +35,18 @@
from ansible.errors import AnsibleError, AnsibleParserError, AnsibleUndefinedVariable, AnsibleFileNotFound, AnsibleAssertionError, AnsibleTemplateError
from import Host
from ansible.inventory.helpers import sort_groups, get_group_vars
from ansible.module_utils._text import to_bytes, to_text
from ansible.module_utils._text import to_text
from ansible.module_utils.common._collections_compat import Mapping, MutableMapping, Sequence
from ansible.module_utils.six import iteritems, text_type, string_types
from ansible.plugins.loader import lookup_loader, vars_loader
from ansible.plugins.loader import lookup_loader
from ansible.vars.fact_cache import FactCache
from ansible.template import Templar
from ansible.utils.display import Display
from ansible.utils.listify import listify_lookup_plugin_terms
from ansible.utils.vars import combine_vars, load_extra_vars, load_options_vars
from ansible.utils.unsafe_proxy import wrap_var
from ansible.vars.clean import namespace_facts, clean_facts
from ansible.vars.plugins import get_vars_from_inventory_sources, get_vars_from_path

display = Display()

@@ -231,25 +232,13 @@ def _get_plugin_vars(plugin, path, entities):
# internal fuctions that actually do the work
def _plugins_inventory(entities):
''' merges all entities by inventory source '''
data = {}
for inventory_dir in self._inventory._sources:
if ',' in inventory_dir and not os.path.exists(inventory_dir): # skip host lists
elif not os.path.isdir(to_bytes(inventory_dir)): # always pass 'inventory directory'
inventory_dir = os.path.dirname(inventory_dir)

for plugin in vars_loader.all():

data = combine_vars(data, _get_plugin_vars(plugin, inventory_dir, entities))
return data
return get_vars_from_inventory_sources(self._loader, self._inventory._sources, entities, 'task')

def _plugins_play(entities):
''' merges all entities adjacent to play '''
data = {}
for plugin in vars_loader.all():

for path in basedirs:
data = combine_vars(data, _get_plugin_vars(plugin, path, entities))
for path in basedirs:
data = combine_vars(data, get_vars_from_path(self._loader, path, entities, 'task'))
return data

# configurable functions that are sortable via config, rememer to add to _ALLOWED if expanding this list
@@ -0,0 +1,73 @@
# Copyright (c) 2018 Ansible Project
# GNU General Public License v3.0+ (see COPYING or

# Make coding more python3-ish
from __future__ import (absolute_import, division, print_function)
__metaclass__ = type

import os

from ansible import constants as C
from ansible.errors import AnsibleError
from import Host
from ansible.module_utils._text import to_bytes
from ansible.plugins.loader import vars_loader
from ansible.utils.display import Display
from ansible.utils.vars import combine_vars

display = Display()

def get_plugin_vars(loader, plugin, path, entities):

data = {}
data = plugin.get_vars(loader, path, entities)
except AttributeError:
for entity in entities:
if isinstance(entity, Host):
except AttributeError:
if hasattr(plugin, 'run'):
raise AnsibleError("Cannot use v1 type vars plugin %s from %s" % (plugin._load_name, plugin._original_path))
raise AnsibleError("Invalid vars plugin %s from %s" % (plugin._load_name, plugin._original_path))
return data

def get_vars_from_path(loader, path, entities, stage):

data = {}
for plugin in vars_loader.all():
pobj = vars_loader.get(plugin)

if pobj.get('REQUIRES_WHITELIST', False) and plugin not in C.ENABLED_VARS_PLUGINS:
# skip plugins that require whitelisting but are not whitelisted
# 'legacy' plugins always run

if hasattr(pobj, 'get_option') and pobj.get_option('stage') not in ('all', stage):

data = combine_vars(data, get_plugin_vars(loader, pobj, path, entities))

return data

def get_vars_from_inventory_sources(loader, sources, entities, stage):

data = {}
for path in sources:

if ',' in path and not os.path.exists(path): # skip host lists
elif not os.path.isdir(to_bytes(path)):
# always pass the directory of the inventory source file
path = os.path.dirname(path)

data = combine_vars(data, get_vars_from_path(loader, path, entities, stage))

return data
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