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Add new cloud/rds DB instance types (db.m3 and db.cr1 families) #6264

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sqs commented

This PR adds the new AWS RDS DB instance types (the db.m3 and db.cr1 families). The list now matches that on

These new DB instance types were relesed on 2014 Feb 20:

Incidentally, it would be nice if this list were not hardcoded. Would you accept a PR to that effect?

@mpdehaan mpdehaan merged commit faef76b into from

Merged, thank you!

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  1. +2 −2 library/cloud/rds
4 library/cloud/rds
@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ options:
required: false
default: null
aliases: []
- choices: [ 'db.t1.micro', 'db.m1.small', 'db.m1.medium', 'db.m1.large', 'db.m1.xlarge', 'db.m2.xlarge', 'db.m2.2xlarge', 'db.m2.4xlarge' ]
+ choices: [ 'db.t1.micro', 'db.m1.small', 'db.m1.medium', 'db.m1.large', 'db.m1.xlarge', 'db.m2.xlarge', 'db.m2.2xlarge', 'db.m2.4xlarge', 'db.m3.medium', 'db.m3.large', 'db.m3.xlarge', 'db.m3.2xlarge', 'db.cr1.8xlarge' ]
- Master database username. Used only when command=create.
@@ -290,7 +290,7 @@ def main():
source_instance = dict(required=False),
db_engine = dict(choices=['MySQL', 'oracle-se1', 'oracle-se', 'oracle-ee', 'sqlserver-ee', 'sqlserver-se', 'sqlserver-ex', 'sqlserver-web', 'postgres'], required=False),
size = dict(required=False),
- instance_type = dict(aliases=['type'], choices=['db.t1.micro', 'db.m1.small', 'db.m1.medium', 'db.m1.large', 'db.m1.xlarge', 'db.m2.xlarge', 'db.m2.2xlarge', 'db.m2.4xlarge'], required=False),
+ instance_type = dict(aliases=['type'], choices=['db.t1.micro', 'db.m1.small', 'db.m1.medium', 'db.m1.large', 'db.m1.xlarge', 'db.m2.xlarge', 'db.m2.2xlarge', 'db.m2.4xlarge', 'db.m3.medium', 'db.m3.large', 'db.m3.xlarge', 'db.m3.2xlarge', 'db.cr1.8xlarge'], required=False),
username = dict(required=False),
password = dict(no_log=True, required=False),
db_name = dict(required=False),
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