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Ansible Resources

User contributed playbooks, modules, and articles. This is a small curated list, but growing. Everyone is encouraged to add to this document, just send in a pull request!

Ansible Modules

Ansible modules are a way of adding new client-side logic to ansible. They can be written in any language.

Python modules using 0.6 and later can use the common "AnsibleModule" class to dramatically reduce the amount of boilerplate code required. Not all modules above yet take advantage of this feature. See the official documentation for more details.

Selected Playbooks

Playbooks are Ansible's configuration management language. It should be easy to write your own from scratch for most applications, but it's always helpful to look at what others have done for reference.

Callbacks and Plugins

The Ansible project has a whole repo devoted to extending ansible with new connection types, logging/event callbacks, and inventory data storage. Talk to Cobbler and EC2, tweak the way things are logged, or even add sound effects.

Scripts And Misc

Ansible isn't just a program, it's also an API. Here's some examples of some clever integrations with the "Runner" and also Playbook APIs, and integrations with other interesting pieces of software.

Blogs & Articles


Modules and playbooks here may not be using the latest in Ansible features. When in doubt to the features of a particular version of Ansbile, always consult and in particular see Best Practices for some tips and tricks that may be useful.

Ansible is (C) 2012, Michael DeHaan and others and is available under the GPLv3 license. Content here is as specified by individual contributors.

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