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User Guide

If you are looking for help, please see the ISSUE HELP

Ansibull Github Issue/Pullrequest Bot

$ ./ --help
usage: [-h] [--cachedir CACHEDIR_BASE] [--logfile LOGFILE]
                         [--daemonize_interval DAEMONIZE_INTERVAL] [--debug]
                         [--verbose] [--dry-run] [--force] [--pause]
                         [--force_rate_limit] [--dump_actions]
                         [--botmetafile BOTMETAFILE]
                         [--repo {ansible/ansible,ansible/ansible-azp}]
                         [--skip_no_update] [--collect_only]
                         [--sort {asc,desc}] [--skiprepo SKIPREPO]
                         [--only_prs] [--only_issues] [--only_open]
                         [--only_closed] [--safe_force]
                         [--safe_force_script SAFE_FORCE_SCRIPT]
                         [--ignore_state] [--ignore_bot_broken]
                         [--ignore_module_commits] [--pr PR]
                         [--start-at START_AT] [--resume] [--no_since]
                         [--last LAST] [--commit ANSIBLE_COMMIT]
                         [--ignore_galaxy] [--ci {azp}]

Triage issue and pullrequest queues for Ansible. (NOTE: only useful if you
have commit access to the repo in question.)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --cachedir CACHEDIR_BASE
  --logfile LOGFILE     Send logging to this file
  --daemonize           run in a continuos loop
  --daemonize_interval DAEMONIZE_INTERVAL
                        seconds to sleep between loop iterations
  --debug, -d           Debug output
  --verbose, -v         Verbose output
  --dry-run, -n         Don't make any changes
  --force, -f           Do not ask questions
  --pause, -p           Always pause between prs|issues
  --force_rate_limit    debug: force the rate limit
  --dump_actions        serialize the actions to disk [/tmp/actions]
  --botmetafile BOTMETAFILE
                        Use this filepath for botmeta instead of from the repo
  --repo {ansible/ansible,ansible/ansible-azp}, -r {ansible/ansible,ansible/ansible-azp}
                        Github repo to triage (defaults to all)
  --skip_no_update      skip processing if updated_at hasn't changed
  --collect_only        stop after caching issues
  --sort {asc,desc}     Direction to sort issues [desc=9-0 asc=0-9]
  --skiprepo SKIPREPO   Github repo to skip triaging
  --only_prs            Triage pullrequests only
  --only_issues         Triage issues only
  --only_open           Triage open issues|prs only
  --only_closed         Triage closed issues|prs only
  --safe_force          Prompt only on specific actions
  --safe_force_script SAFE_FORCE_SCRIPT
                        Script to check safe force
  --ignore_state        Do not skip processing closed issues
  --ignore_bot_broken   Do not skip processing bot_broken|bot_skip issues
                        Do not enumerate module commit logs
  --pr PR, --id PR      Triage only the specified pr|issue (separated by
  --start-at START_AT, --resume_id START_AT
                        Start triage at the specified pr|issue
  --resume              pickup right after where the bot last stopped
  --no_since            Do not use the since keyword to fetch issues
  --last LAST           triage the last N issues or PRs
                        Use a specific commit for the indexers
  --ignore_galaxy       do not index or search for components in galaxy
  --ci {azp}  Specify a CI provider that repo uses