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Github community issues

Community Working Group

The Community Working Group is a catch-all working group that focuses on keeping the other working groups running, and on various community activities not covered by other working groups.

Community Metrics:

Here's a collection of interesting metrics about the Ansible community.

  • GitHub Visualization -- a visual representation of the various Ansible and Ansible-related repositories
  • GitHub Stats -- time-series of various GitHub statistics: stars, forks, open and closed issues, open and closed PRs, etc.
  • Octoverse -- latest Octoverse report from GitHub, with many Ansible mentions
  • Open Hub -- general project metrics, compare to other projects
  • -- code quality
  • SonarCloud -- vulnerabilities and bugs in Ansible
  • Avalia: Red Hat's hidden treasure -- a very nice analysis of Ansible's community strength
  • Stackalytics
  • Got an interesting metric? Add it here!
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