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Workflow is now managed by pulp/plugin-template

Issue: AAH-460
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Galaxy NG

Build Status

A Pulp plugin to support hosting your very own Ansible Galaxy server.

This is a brand new take on Ansible Galaxy, so it will look and feel a bit different than the current web site. Over time we expect to migrate the web site to this codebase, so for now you're looking into the future, and you have an opportunity to help shape that future.

Our mission is to help organizations share Ansible automation and promote a culture of collaboration around Ansible automation development. We'll be providing features that make it easy to create, discover, use and distribute Ansible automation content.

To see what we're currently working on, view the Roadmap.

To learn more about Pulp, view the Pulp project page.

OpenAPI Spec

View the latest version of the spec by clicking here.



To install and run a local GalaxyNG server view the End User Installation guide.


GNU General Public License v2. View LICENSE for full text.