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Ansible Lightbulb - Ansible Engine Guide

This guide is part of lightbulb, a multi-purpose toolkit for effectively demonstrating Ansible's capabilities or providing informal trainings in various forms -- instructor-led, hands-on or self-paced.

The focus of this guide is on the set up and usage of Ansible Engine.

Ansible Engine Exercises

There are multiple exercises available. It is strongly recommended to run them one after the other. They are self-explaining and can be run at self pace.

Additional information

Additional information about Ansible, how to get started and where to proceed after this guide, have a look at the following sources:

Ansible Red Hat Engine

In addition to open source Ansible, there is Red Hat® Ansible® Engine which includes support and an SLA for the networking modules shown in these exercises

Red Hat® Ansible® Engine is a fully supported product built on the simple, powerful and agentless foundation capabilities derived from the Ansible project. Please visit for more information.