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Official Ansible Product Demos

This is a centralized location for Ansible Product Demos. This project is a collection of use cases implemented with Ansible for use with the Ansible Automation Platform.

Demo Name Description
Linux Repository of demos for RHEL and Linux automation
Windows Repository of demos for Windows Server automation
Cloud Demo for infrastructure and cloud provisioning automation
Network Ansible Network automation demos
Satellite Demos of automation with Red Hat Satellite Server


If you would like to contribute to this project please refer to contribution guide for best practices.

Using this project

This project is tested for compatibility with the Product Demos Sandbox lab environment. To use with other Ansible Controller installations, review the prerequisite documentation.

NOTE: is available to Red Hat Associates and Partners with a valid account.

  1. First you must create a credential for Automation Hub to successfully sync collections used by this project.

    1. In the Credentials section of the Controller UI, add a new Credential called Automation Hub with the type Ansible Galaxy/Automation Hub API Token

    2. You can obtain a token here. This page will also provide the Server URL and Auth Server URL.

    3. Next, click on Organizations and edit the Default organization. Add your Automation Hub credential to the Galaxy Credentials section. Don't forget to click Save!!

      You can also use an execution environment for disconnected environments. To do this, you must disable collection downloads in the Controller. This can be done in Settings > Job Settings. This setting prevents the controller from downloading collections listed in the collections/requirements.yml file.

  2. If it is not already created for you, add an Execution Environment called product-demos

    • Name: product-demos
    • Image:
    • Pull: Only pull the image if not present before running
  3. If it is not already created for you, create a Project called Ansible official demo project with this repo as a source. NOTE: if you are using a fork, be sure that you have the correct URL. Update the project.

  4. Finally, Create a Job Template called Setup with the following configuration:

    • Name: Setup

    • Inventory: Demo Inventory

    • Exec Env: product-demos

    • Playbook: setup_demo.yml

    • Credentials:

      • Type: Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform
      • Name: Controller Credential
    • Extra vars:

       demo: <linux or windows or cloud or network>

Bring Your Own Demo

Can't find what you're looking for? Customize this repo to make it your own.

  1. Create a fork of this repo.
  2. Update the URL of the Ansible official demo project in the Controller.
  3. Make changes as needed and run the Setup job

See the contribution guide for more details on how to customize the project.

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