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Ansible Playbook Bundle (APB)

An Ansible Playbook Bundle (APB) is a lightweight application definition (meta-container). They are used to define and deploy complex groups of applications, deployment configs, deployments, and services to an OpenShift Origin cluster running the Ansible Service Broker. APBs offer more power and simple configuration by leveraging the power of Ansible. APBs have the following features:

  • Metadata contains list of required/optional parameters for use during deployment.
  • Leverages existing investment in Ansible Roles / Playbooks.
  • Actions under a directory with named playbooks and metadata defined in apb.yml.
  • Developer tooling to drive a guided approach.
  • Easily modified or extended.


  • Getting Started - step by step tutorial to create an Ansible Playbook Bundle
  • Design - overall design of Ansible Playbook Bundles
  • Developers - in-depth explanation of Ansible Playbook Bundles
  • APB CLI Tool - installation and usage of the apb cli tool
  • Ansible Service Broker - more information about the Ansible Service Broker which runs APBs