Setup a kubernetes cluster in VirtualBox to prepare for CKA exam
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Setup a kubernetes cluster in VirtualBox

This guide will give an overall idea on how each components works in kubernetes.

Cluster overview


Part 1 - Prerequisites

Part 2 - A Virtual LoadBalancer for Highly available API server

Part 3 - Install Client Tools

Part 4 - Certificate Authotiry and Certificates

Part 5 - Kubernetes Configuration Files

Part 6 - Generating the Data Encryption Config and Key

Part 7 - Bootstrapping the etcd Cluster

Part 8 - Bootstrapping the Kubernetes Control Plane

Part 9 - Bootstrapping the Kubernetes Worker Nodes

Part 10 - Configuring kubectl for Remote Access

Part 11 - Provisioning Pod Network Routes

Part 12 - Deploying the DNS Cluster Add-on

Part 13 - Bare Metal Load Balancer Configuration

Part 14 - Test LoadBalancer

Part 15 - Deploy Metric Server

Part 16 - Deploy Dashboard

Part 17 - Dynamic iSCSI Volume Provisioniner

Part 18 - Ingress Controller using NIGIX

Note: Until unless specified , all command should be executed from lb-01