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Ascension III

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Ascension III is an advancedANSI/ASCII art viewer, designed for Mac OS X. It is based on our beloved AnsiLove/C and thus supports a wide range of file types, including ANS, BIN, ADF, IDF, XB, PCB, TND, ASC, NFO, DIZ and all kinds of text files. Ascension is also a simple text editor, supporting nearly all the legacy encodings, like our beloved Codepage 437, as well as modern encodings, even Unicode. So Ascension will be your perfect companion, for both exploring and maintaining our textmode heritage. Needless to say it is able to: properly render Amiga artworks, export ANSI/ASCII as highly optimized PNG images, share your favorite artworks on Twitter and Facebook. If your Mac supports Retina resolution, you will encounter a stunning, accurate rendering in high DPI. There is even more. We bundled our font BlockZone, faithful recreation of the original DOS font, as well as many other famous typefaces you might remember from the golden era of textmode artists. Now add multi-color themes for ASCII, the capability of reading SAUCE records, tons of advanced settings like overriding .BIN columns, iCE colors and custom bits to the list and you pretty much get an idea what Ascension III really is. Though there is still so much more for you to discover...

Version info

Current release is version 3.0.0 (108)


Ascension is released under the BSD 3-Clause License. See the file LICENSE for details.