View text-mode art directly in FireFox.
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Please read the LICENSE.

To build: zip -r ansilove.xpi chrome.manifest install.rdf icon.png chrome/

In FireFox: Tools > Add-ons > Gears Icon > Install Add-on From File... > Choose the XPI file and install.

You should now have a contextual menu, listed as "Filter Links With AnsiLove" when right-clicking a page.

Any link will now open with a image preview when shift-clicked, instead of redirecting to a page or downloading the file from the server. Similarly, keeping alt pressed when clicking a link will open in an emulated terminal display.

Known issues:

  • urls pointing to pages are mistaken for images.

This extension uses ansilove.js to render textmode-art images.
ansilove™ is a trademark of Frederic Cambus.