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.________ //_ ANSilOVE _\\ ._____
____/\ ___| _/___/\ __ _____. _ ____/\ _| \ ____
/ .__\\ \ | _ //___ _)_. \_ |____ \\ | // ___/
/ __/ \ \ |__ \/ \ |_ | | \ | \ / __)____
/____| \_|\_____|_________/__ `/ |______ //_______/____/______ /
|______/ _ __ __________ \/ _______ \/ ________ __ _ yop \/
Ansilove/PHP 1.11 (2013-03-26)
- Fixed a bug in the TUNDRA renderer
- Fixed inconsistency when using Amiga fonts : bold characters are now
displayed only in CED and WorkBench modes
- Removing PHP warning about date.timezone settings when logging errors
- Removing PHP warning displayed when input file doesn't exist
- Added 3 example ASCiis (Thanks to : Plur, Spear, Knocturnal, Sk!n)
- Added 9 example ANSis (Thanks to : Knocturnal, Grymmjack, Noches,
Avenging Angel, Enzo, BYM, Filth, Rad Man)
Ansilove/PHP 1.10 (2012-10-08)
- Added new and updated documentation file in AsciiDoc format (Also available
in HTML and PDF)
- Using proper bitshift instead of pow for ADF / IDF / XBIN font processing
- Skipping 'Set mode' and 'Reset mode' sequences to correctly render files
saved with recent versions of PabloDraw
Ansilove/PHP 1.09 (2011-11-22)
- Added functions in the ANSi loader to split the output into several PNG files
(SPLIT_* options in the config file)
- Added support for Amiga ANSi (Bold, Italics, and Underlined characters)
- Memory usage optimization (Some data structures modified, support for 65535
lines of text)
- Relicensed under a MIT-style license
- Added Terminus font support (
Ansilove/PHP 1.08 (2011-07-12)
- Added new improved Amiga fonts (With corrected aspect ratio and 100% accurate
- Reordered font palettes to follow the ANSi color order rather than the EGA one
- Added an error message logger (ANSILOVE_LOG_FILE option in the config file,
default : ansilove.log)
- Added an option to continue rendering input files when the substitude (SUB)
character is encountered (SUBSTITUTE_BREAK option in the config file,
default : 1 => Stop when encountering SUB character)
- Added an option to allow enabling/disabling 80th column wrapping
(WRAP_COLUMN_80 option in the config file, default : 1 => Wrap)
- Changed default background color value for CED mode (170,170,170) instead
of (168,168,168)
- Added a transparent rendering mode to produce output files with transparent
background (only available in ANSi loader)
- Added Workbench mode to render the input file using Amiga Workbench colors
(only available in ANSi loader)
- Added scalable thumbnails support (THUMBNAILS_SIZE option in the config file)
- Added an example file for thumbnails rendering (examples/thumbnails.html)
- Added 3 example ASCiis (Thanks to : Cubon, Spidy and Spot)
Ansilove/PHP 1.07 (2009-06-16)
- Added support for thumbnails rendering, with configurable maximum height
- Added customizable output color definitions in the configuration file for
CED mode rendering
- Modified the ANSi parser to allow ansi sequences with inverted graphic
rendition values to render correctly
Ansilove/PHP 1.06 (2009-05-21)
- Dumped all the fonts again to make the font collection more homogeneous and
avoid minor character differences between fonts as much as possible
- Added 6 new PC Fonts (Charsets : Armenian, French Canadian, Greek (CP869),
Icelandic, Persian, Portuguese)
- Fixed minor color palette problems causing the full intensity value to be
252 instead of 255
- Added customizable file extensions definitions in the configuration file
for DIZ mode rendering
- Added filters removing white spaces and empty lines at the beginning and
end of DIZ files
Ansilove/PHP 1.05 (2009-04-29)
- Added support for PCBoard (.PCB) format
- Updated the documentation (README file), to cover options related to the
PCBoard loader (PCB codes stripping)
- Fixed a bug preventing the CED rendering mode to operate correctly. Ansi and
PCBoard files can now be rendered in CED mode again
- Added 1 example ANSi and 1 example ASCii
Ansilove/PHP 1.04 (2009-04-07)
- Added 9 new PC Fonts (Charsets: Baltic, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Latin1,
Latin2, Nordic, Russian, Turkish)
- Fixed .DIZ file extension detection in the online converter, uploaded .DIZ
files are now rendered with the exact needed number of columns
- Fixed some uninitialized variables warnings
- Added 1 example ASCii
- Added a loader (ansilove.bat) for the command line converter under Windows
- Converted the HTML templates to XHTML (ansilove.html and Ansilove online)
- Modified the Ansilove Online upload interface and corrected the maximum
length value for the columns argument
- Updated the documentation (README file), which is now providing more detailed
examples about all the possible options, and informations about command line
converter usage under Windows
Ansilove/PHP 1.03 (2006-02-11)
- Added input sanitization in the loaders (load_*.php) to prevent
disclosure of unauthorized content by converting files accessible
by the webserver
- Added a .htaccess to restrict access (Deny to all by default) to the
'upload' directory (online converter)
- Adding '.ansilove' at the end of the uploaded filenames to prevent code
injection if the upload directory access isn't restricted, and delete
the uploaded file after the convertion (online converter)
- The online converter is now using the internal loaders from the library
instead of the load_*.php loaders
- Added a config file to define directories path
- Added checks for requires in the online converter and in the loaders
Ansilove/PHP 1.02 (2006-02-09)
- Added support for IDF (.IDF) format
- Added support for TUNDRA (.TND) format
- Added support for XBiN (.XB) format
- Added online file converter
- Added CED mode to render the input file in black on gray
(only available in ANSi loader)
- Added topazplus alias for topaz+ so it is possible to use it in urls
- Enforced little-endian byte order instead of machine byte order when
unpacking data
- Added 3 example ANSis
- Fixed a bug in ADF converter, color 0 of the palette was set to black
instead of the correct value
Ansilove/PHP 1.01 (2006-01-27)
- Added 6 new Amiga Fonts
- Files with a .DIZ extension are now rendered with the exact needed number
of columns
- Fixed a background rendering bug in ANSi converter, which caused problems
when using Amiga Font (Used font_size_x value for background block size
instead of a fixed value)
- Fixed another background bug in ANSi converter (Buffer wasn't filled with
black after being allocated, which caused some blocks to have an incorrect
background color if nothing was drawn)
Ansilove/PHP 1.00 (2006-01-22)
- Initial release
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