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A set of tools to convert ANSi and artscene related file formats into PNG images
PHP AGS Script Shell
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         _______         ___________          ___
       __\___   \_  ____/     /\   /______ ___\_/__            /\
      /    \|     \/  _ \    /--\_____    \\   /  /\          /  \
    _/      |     /    \     \      |/     /      \ \ _ _____/    \_______
    \       |_____\____/     /      /      \____  /\/                    /
     \______|      \  \_____/\______       /\   \/  \   /\NSILOVE 1.08  /____ _
      \     |_______\__\___ \ \    \      /  \___\__/____
       \____|        /____/\_\/\__ /     / __/___ \     /\    ____
                     \    \ \     /     /_/ __   \/    /__\__/  _/ _____ ___
                 /\   \____\/    /     //   \    /    /    /    _>/    //__/\
                /  \           _/      \   //   /    /    /     \/    / \__\/
_ _________    /    \_______ _ \___    /_______/    /   _/ \____      \  /
           \  /                 \ \___/\       \_______/\\  \  \______/\/
            \/                   \_\  \ \_______\      \ \\/ \__\     \ \
                                    \__\/        \______\/ h7/dS!\_____\/


Ansilove/PHP is a set of tools to convert ANSi and artscene-related file
formats into PNG images, supporting ANSi (.ANS), PCBOARD (.PCB), BiNARY (.BIN),
ADF (.ADF), iDF (.IDF), TUNDRA (.TND) and XBiN (.XB) formats.

It includes an all purposes command line converter, along with a library to
use on web pages for doing "on the fly" conversions. It creates size optimized
4-bit PNG files and supports SAUCE (Standard Architecture for Universal
Comment Extentions), 80x25, 80x50, Amiga fonts, and iCE colors. It supports
14 MS-DOS charsets (IBM PC, Baltic, Cyrillic, French Canadian, Greek (CP737
and 869), Hebrew, Icelandic, Latin-1, Latin-2, Nordic, Portuguese, Russian,
Turkish) as well as additional unofficial charsets (Armenian, Persian).

It is written in PHP, meaning it can run on any system supporting PHP. The
command line converter (For which NO WEB SERVER IS REQUIRED!) can be used
under Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and so on.

Features are :

- ANSi (.ANS) format support
- PCBOARD (.PCB) format support
- BiNARY (.BIN) format support
- ADF (.ADF) format support (Artworx)
- iDF (.IDF) format support (iCE Draw)
- TUNDRA (.TND) format support (
- XBiN (.XB) format support (

- Small output file size (4-bit PNG)
- SAUCE (Standard Architecture for Universal Comment Extentions)
- 80x25 font support
- 80x50 font support
- Amiga font support
- iCE colors support

- Supports the following charsets ( :
  IBM PC (Code page 437)
  Baltic (Code page 775)
  Cyrillic (Code page 855)
  French Canadian (Code page 863)
  Greek (Code pages 737 and 869)
  Hebrew (Code page 862)
  Icelandic (Code page 861)
  Latin-1 (Code page 850)
  Latin-2 (Code page 852)
  Nordic (Code page 865)
  Portuguese (Code page 860)
  Russian (Code page 866)
  Turkish (Code page 857)

- Supports the following unofficial charsets :
  Persian (Iran System encoding standard)


Ansilove/PHP requires PHP with the GD module (version greater than 1.6)
installed. If you want to convert huge files, you may have to increase
the memory_limit size in your php.ini file.


The command line converter is the file : ansilove

You can invoke it either by typing : php ansilove or simply by ansilove.
In the second case, check the file header to ensure the path of your PHP
interpreter is correct. Ansilove uses /usr/bin/php as default path.
FreeBSD users must change it to /usr/local/bin/php

Under Windows people must install the PHP Binaries. The easiest way is
to use the installer and to enable the GD library. Then the command line
converter can be launched using the provided ansilove.bat file.

USAGE :   ansilove inputfile columns (.BIN only) font bits icecolors

Font can be : 80x25, 80x50, pc or amiga fonts (8-bit font only)

Amiga fonts can be : amiga (alias to Topaz)
                     b-strict (Original B-Strict font)
                     b-struct (Original B-Struct font)
                     microknight (Original MicroKnight version)
                     microknight+ (Modified MicroKnight version)
                     microknightplus (alias to MicroKnight + to be used in URLs)
                     mosoul (Original mO'sOul font)
                     pot-noodle (Original P0T-NOoDLE font)
                     topaz (Original Topaz Kickstart 2.x version)
                     topaz+ (Modified Topaz Kickstart 2.x+ version)
                     topazplus (alias to Topaz+ to be used in URLs)
                     topaz500 (Original Topaz Kickstart 1.x version)
                     topaz500+ (Modified Topaz Kickstart 1.x version)
                     topaz500plus (alias to Topaz500+ to be used in URLs)

PC fonts can be :    80x25 (Default, code page 437)
                     80x50 (Code page 437, 80x50 mode)
                     baltic (Code page 775)
                     cyrillic (Code page 855)
                     french-canadian (Code page 863)
                     greek (Code page 737)
                     greek-869 (Code page 869)
                     hebrew (Code page 862)
                     icelandic (Code page 861)
                     latin1 (Code page 850)
                     latin2 (Code page 852)
                     nordic (Code page 865)
                     persian (Iran System encoding standard)
                     portuguese (Code page 860)
                     russian (Code page 866)
                     turkish (Code page 857)

Bits can be : 8 (8-bit (Default)) or 9 (9-bit) or ced or thumbnail or
transparent or workbench (See below)

iCE colors : 0 (turned off) or 1 (turned on)

EXAMPLES : ansilove ansi.ans
           ansilove ansi.ans 80x25 9 (80x25 font, 9-bit)
           ansilove ansi.ans 80x25 thumbnail (80x25 font, thumbnail rendering)
           ansilove ansi.ans 80x50 9 (80x50 font, 9-bit)
           ansilove ansi.ans russian 9 (Russian font, 9-bit)
           ansilove ansi.ans amiga (Amiga font)
           ansilove pcboard.pcb
           ansilove pcboard.pcb 80x25 9 (80x25 font, 9-bit)
           ansilove pcboard.pcb 80x25 thumbnail (80x25 font, thumbnail rendering)
           ansilove binary.bin 160
           ansilove binary.bin 160 80x25 9 (80x25 font, 9-bit)
           ansilove binary.bin 160 80x25 thumbnail (80x25 font, thumbnail rendering)
           ansilove binary.bin 160 80x50 9 (80x50 font, 9-bit)
           ansilove adf.adf
           ansilove adf.adf thumbnail (thumbnail rendering)
           ansilove idf.idf
           ansilove idf.idf thumbnail (thumbnail rendering)
           ansilove tundra.tnd
           ansilove tundra.tnd 80x25 9 (80x25 font, 9-bit)
           ansilove tundra.tnd 80x25 thumbnail (80x25 font, thumbnail rendering)
           ansilove xbin.xb
           ansilove xbin.xb thumbnail (thumbnail rendering)

Setting the bits to 9 will render the 9th column of block characters,
so the output will look like it is displayed in real textmode.

Setting the bits to 'ced' will cause the input file to be rendered
in black on gray, and limit the output to 78 columns (only available
in ANSi loader). Used together with an amiga font, the output will
look like it is displayed on Amiga. It is possible to set custom RGB
values by modifying the predefined constants 'CED_BACKGROUND_COLOR'
and 'CED_FOREGROUND_COLOR' in the configuration file.

Setting the bits to 'workbench' will cause the input file to be rendered
using Amiga Workbench colors (only available in ANSi loader). It is possible
to set custom RGB values by modifying the predefined constants
'WORKBENCH_COLOR' in the configuration file.

Settings the bits to 'transparent' will produce output files with transparent
background (only available in ANSi loader).

Since version 1.07, you can render thumbnails by setting the bits to
'thumbnail'. By default, the thumbnails render the full length picture. It
is possible to set a maximum height by editing the configuration file and 
changing the value of 'THUMBNAILS_HEIGHT' which is set to '0' (full length)
by default. It is also possible to change the tag added to the output file
name by editing the 'THUMBNAILS_TAG' option. You can adjust the size of the
output by changing the 'THUMBNAILS_SIZE' option : by default it will produce
80 pixels width thumbnails.

If no options are specified, default settings are used : 80x25, 8-bit
font and iCE colors turned off. If no columns are specified for .BIN,
default value is 160.

Files with a .DIZ extension are rendered with the exact needed number
of columns. White spaces and empty lines at the beginning and end of DIZ files
are stripped from the output as well. You can customize file extensions
definitions in the configuration file (ansilove.cfg.php) by modifying the
predefined constant called 'DIZ_EXTENSIONS' to specify which files to render
in DIZ mode. It contains a serie of comma separated values you can edit
according to your needs. By default the values are ".diz,.ion".

The PC fonts are available as binary files as well, and are included in the
'vga-fonts' directory. These fonts are not used by the converter but are
packed for archive purpose.

All the amiga fonts come from the excellent t! package by dMG,
which is available here :

|                                           |
|  Supported options for each file format:  |
|     |         |       |       |           |
|     | columns |  font |  bits | icecolors |
|     |         |       |       |           |
| ANS |         |   X   |   X   |     X     |
|     |         |       |       |           |
| PCB |         |   X   |   X   |     X     |
|     |         |       |       |           |
| BIN |    X    |   X   |   X   |     X     |
|     |         |       |       |           |
| ADF |         |       |       |           |
|     |         |       |       |           |
| IDF |         |       |       |           |
|     |         |       |       |           |
| TND |         |   X   |   X   |           |
|     |         |       |       |           |
| XB  |         |       |       |           |


In the config file (ansilove.cfg.php) you will find a predefined constant
called 'PCBOARD_STRIP_CODES' which contains a list of PCBoard codes to be
stripped from the output. It contains a serie of comma separated values you
can edit according to your needs. By default the values are "@POFF@,@WAIT@"
which means that all @POFF@ and @WAIT@ codes will be stripped.


Use of the ansilove.php library for doing "on the fly" conversions on web
pages, is done via these loaders :
load_ansi.php, load_pcboard.php, load_bin.php, load_adf.php, load_idf.php,
load_tundra.php, load_xbin.php

Upload the loaders you plan to use, the library (ansilove.php), the config
file (ansilove.cfg.php), along with the 'fonts' directory somewhere on your
web site.
For security issues, all the files to be rendered must be placed in a
directory, which is 'ansis/' by default. This value is defined in the config
file by the constant 'ANSILOVE_FILES_DIRECTORY'. The ending '/' is required.

Don't unset this defined constant, else it'll be possible to convert files
laying in the same directory than the loaders, which could lead to possible
security leaks. Please note that the input is sanitized, so it is impossible
to use / and .. in it.

Then you just have to include custom IMG tags in your HTML code, like in these
examples :

<img src="load_ansi.php?input=ansi.ans">
<img src="load_ansi.php?input=ansi.ans&font=80x25&bits=9">
<img src="load_ansi.php?input=ansi.ans&font=80x25&bits=thumbnail">
<img src="load_ansi.php?input=ansi.ans&font=russian>
<img src="load_ansi.php?input=ansi.ans&font=russian&bits=9">
<img src="load_ansi.php?input=ansi.ans&font=amiga">
<img src="load_ansi.php?input=ansi.ans&font=80x50&bits=9">
<img src="load_ansi.php?input=ansi.ans&font=80x25&bits=9&icecolors=1">

<img src="load_pcboard.php?input=pcboard.pcb">
<img src="load_pcboard.php?input=pcboard.pcb&font=80x25&bits=9">
<img src="load_pcboard.php?input=pcboard.pcb&font=80x25&bits=thumbnail">
<img src="load_pcboard.php?input=pcboard.pcb&font=russian>
<img src="load_pcboard.php?input=pcboard.pcb&font=russian&bits=9">
<img src="load_pcboard.php?input=pcboard.pcb&font=amiga">
<img src="load_pcboard.php?input=pcboard.pcb&font=80x50&bits=9">
<img src="load_pcboard.php?input=pcboard.pcb&font=80x25&bits=9&icecolors=1">

<img src="load_binary.php?input=binary.bin&columns=160">
<img src="load_binary.php?input=binary.bin&columns=160&font=80x25&bits=9">
<img src="load_binary.php?input=binary.bin&columns=160&font=80x25&bits=thumbnail">
<img src="load_binary.php?input=binary.bin&columns=160&font=80x50&bits=9">
<img src="load_binary.php?input=binary.bin&columns=160&font=80x25&bits=9&icecolors=1">

<img src="load_adf.php?input=adf.adf">
<img src="load_adf.php?input=adf.adf&bits=thumbnail">

<img src="load_idf.php?input=idf.idf">
<img src="load_idf.php?input=idf.idf&bits=thumbnail">

<img src="load_tundra.php?input=tundra.tnd">
<img src="load_tundra.php?input=tundra.tnd&font=80x25&bits=9">
<img src="load_tundra.php?input=tundra.tnd&font=80x25&bits=thumbnail">

<img src="load_xbin.php?input=xbin.xb">
<img src="load_xbin.php?input=xbin.xb&bits=thumbnail">

More detailed examples will be provided in the online documentation, please
check Ansilove website at :

If you want your HTML code to validate correctly, you should replace the &
characters by "&amp;" and add an ALT tag to the IMGs.

Check examples/ansilove.html to see the library in action.

Possible values for the font, bits, icecolors and columns parameters are
detailed in the previous section.


It is also possible to use the library in your PHP applications or scripts.

Load ansilove.php library in your PHP source :

Then call the loaders to convert your stuff :



You can find more detailed informations about SAUCE, including full
specifications here :

If you need to retrieve sauce informations from files :

Load ansilove.php library in your PHP source :

Then load sauce informations :

The load_sauce function will return an array containing the sauce
informations :

    [ID] => SAUCE
    [Version] => 00
    [Title] => Title
    [Author] => Author
    [Group] => Group
    [Date] => 19970621
    [FileSize] => 1997
    [DataType] => 1
    [FileType] => 1
    [TInfo1] => 80
    [TInfo2] => 29
    [TInfo3] => 0
    [TInfo4] => 0
    [Comments] => 10
    [Flags] => 0
    [Filler] =>
    [Comment_Line_01] => Comment Line
    [Comment_Line_255] => Comment Line


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA


If you want to add an Ansilove/PHP download link on your page, please use the
following sourceforge download link :


Ansilove is the result of countless hours of coding and testing, in order to
provide the most accurate possible ANSi / ASCii conversion tool. If you find
this program useful, please consider making a donation, thank you <3


Project Homepage :

Sister project :

For bug report, feedback, or any other reasons, please write at the following
address (replace AT by @ and DOT by .) :

Frederic Cambus <fcambus AT users DOT sourceforge DOT net>
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