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=== ezLibrarian plugin 0.1.5

Book shelf and device room management plugin for redmine.
Books and devices are not categorized by projects (that means every project's ezlibrarian page will display the same book/device list)
ONLY compatible with Redmine 0.8.3 or last devel.

=== Feature
1. Designed for using in company's book shelf and device room management.
2. You can input the book(device)'s info to the system and view them later.
3. It can record the user who is holding the book(device).
4. Every holder change will be recorded, and a notify email will be sent on change.
5. User can write reviews for the book(device).
6. Note: the books(devices) are not categorized by project.
7. Send statement email to holders.

=== Plugin installation

1. Copy the plugin directory(redmine_ezlibrarian) into the vendor/plugins directory
   NOTE: The plugin directory must be redmine_ezlibrarian!

2. Migrate plugin:
   rake db:migrate_plugins

3. Start Redmine

Installed plugins are listed on 'Admin -> Plugin' screen.

== Changelog

version 0.1.5
1. Send notify email on create and holder change.
2. Send statement email to holders.

version 0.1.1
1. Check for redmine's compitable.

version 0.1.0:
1. Add device room management functions.
2. Compitable with redmine devel after r2493 and rails 2.2.2.

version 0.0.2:
1. Change the holder history page to use gravatar user icon.
2. Add localization strings to plugin module name and permission name.
3. Some minor bug fix.

=== Contact info

Homepage -> powered by redmine
Email    ->