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Ford CD changer emulator with AUX audio and stock playback control using Arduino UNO

Keep the retro stereo. Bring your own tunes.


Add AUX audio input to your older Ford vehicle using a Atmega328 (Arduino UNO) and use the stock radio head unit to control playback on your iPhone.

Read about the development of this.

  • Adapted from Dale Thomas's Ford Bluetooth Interface and Krysztof Pintscher's Ford CD Emulator.
  • Uses Ford Audio Control Protocol (ACP) to emulate stock 6 CD Changer.
  • Adds AUX audio input to vehicle.
  • Allows stock head unit playback control of iPhone.
  • Protoshield hand wiring diagram included in Resources folder.
  • EAGLE PCB files in eagle folder.


  • Open Ford_ACP_AUX.ino located in Sketch/Ford_ACP_AUX and upload to Arduino UNO.
  • Acquire parts on Bill of Materials located in Resources/LIU_FORD_ACP_AUX_BOM.xlsx.
  • Do one of the following
    1. Wire up Arduino UNO like shown below. Note: Updated pin 8 → pin 7 in latest code.
    2. Print PCB using provided EAGLE files.
  • Place the assembly in your car.

BLE vehicle lock/unlock.

  • Follow directions above but use Ford_AUX_BLE_control.ino located in Sketch/Ford_AUX_BLE_control and upload to Arduino UNO.
  • Build and install ansonl/ble-control on your iOS device.

PCB top closing glovebox

top bottom uno protoboard Please note that pin 8 in the above diagram has been changed to pin 7 in the latest Ford_AUX_BLE code.

side connected side

ACP Data Logging and LCD Graphing

  • Use Ford_LCD_datagraph.ino located in Sketch/Ford_LCD_datagraph.

acp visualizer


Please report issues and submit pull requests as needed. Please make an issue for soldering or build issues, too.

I have resolved several people's build issues by email and someone may find your issue helpful!


Any adaptation of this work must comply with licenses of previous works (those in Resources folder) and include references to the previous authors.

Any work by Anson Liu in this repository is under MIT License.


Ford CD changer emulator with AUX playback control using Arduino UNO





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