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Felijity is a static website builder. Open source (Apache 2.0).
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Felijity is an open source (Apache 2.0), very easy, lightweight static website builder for blazing fast static websites.

Key points

  • CLI: command line based
  • easy: just run 'felijity help' and the list of available commands is presented
  • auto-reload: just run 'felijity serve' and you don't even need to hit refresh in the browser everytime you change a file
  • many websites: with just one project and one 'felijity serve' you can create, manage and update many websites at the same time.
  • ... many many more to follow...

How to run

  • Download the most recent release.
  • unzip in a folder of your choice, let's assume in <felijity-install-dir>
  • go in a folder under which you want to create a new project (every project can have many websites)
  • on Unix-like systems (on Windows systems replace .sh with .cmd) execute:
  <felijity-install-dir>/ new project all-my-sites
  • enter the new created folder all-my-sites:
  cd all-my-sites
  • on Unix-like systems (on Windows systems replace .sh with .cmd) create a new website:
  <felijity-install-dir>/ new website
  • on Unix-like systems (on Windows systems replace .sh with .cmd) execute:
  <felijity-install-dir>/ serve
  • point your browser to and enjoy your first felijity website!

  • change the files under "" with your favourite editor. Everytime you save them your browser will automatically reaload your website pages.

How to build

Instructions will be added...

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