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<peripheral vendor_product="1915:003B,22B8:003B" bus="usb" name="Motorola Nyxboard Hybrid" mapTo="nyxboard">
<setting key="keymap_enabled" type="bool" value="1" label="35008" />
<setting key="keymap" value="nyxboard" label="35007" configurable="0" />
<setting key="enable_flip_commands" type="bool" value="1" label="36005" />
<setting key="flip_keyboard" value="XBMC.VideoLibrary.Search" label="36002" />
<setting key="flip_remote" value="Dialog.Close(virtualkeyboard)" label="36003" />
<setting key="key_user" value="" label="36004" />
<peripheral vendor_product="2548:1001" bus="usb" name="Pulse-Eight CEC Adaptor" mapTo="cec">
<setting key="enabled" type="bool" value="1" label="305" />
<setting key="port" type="string" value="" label="792" />
<setting key="cec_hdmi_port" type="int" value="1" min="1" max="16" label="36015" />
<setting key="cec_power_on_startup" type="bool" value="1" label="36007" />
<setting key="cec_power_off_shutdown" type="bool" value="1" label="36008" />
<setting key="cec_standby_screensaver" type="bool" value="1" label="36009" />
<setting key="standby_pc_on_tv_standby" type="bool" value="1" label="36014" />
<setting key="cec_debug_logging" type="bool" value="0" label="20191" />
<setting key="use_tv_menu_language" type="bool" value="1" label="36018" />
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