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Mapped repair events. A platform for community repair. 🛠️🗓️


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Mapped repair events

Mapped repair events. A platform for community repair.

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Installation guide

  • set up vhost and start webserver and mysql-server
  • clone repository from github
  • import config/sql/database.sql in your mysql database
  • rename config/app_custom.default.php to app_custom.php and configure the database
  • run $ composer install --optimize-autoloader
  • run $ npm --prefix ./webroot install ./webroot
  • If you have questions, please create a new issue on github


  • Server with shell access and cronjobs
  • Apache with mod_rewrite
  • PHP >= 8.3
  • MySQL >= 8.0
  • Node.js and npm (installation) developer packages
  • Composer (installation) developer packages


  • daily, 3:00 bash ./bin/cake BackupDatabase
  • daily, 8:00 bash ./bin/cake SendWorknewsNotification
  • daily, 7:00 bash ./bin/cake CleanWorknews
  • every 11th of a month, 3:30 bash ./bin/cake BackupUserUploads
  • every 5 min bash ./bin/cake StartQueue

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