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'Said Ummon to his disciples,
 "However wonderful a thing is,
 it may be that it is better
 not to have it at all."

Introducing unmon!

unmon is a very thin wrapper around the NodeJS HTTP API.

A monk once asked Ummon,
  "What is this place where knowledge is useless?"
Ummon answered him: 
  "Knowledge and emotion cannot fathom it!"

unmon is premised upon Hoare's Law of Large Programs:

"Inside every large program is a small program struggling to get out"


# clone via git
git clone https://github.com/ansuz/unmon

# navigate into your new unmon directory
cd unmon

# install ansuzjs via npm
npm install ansuz


  • You don't need to install a database
  • You don't need to remember any new passwords

Just launch it

node unmon.js

To daemonize unmon and run it in the background:

# install 'forever' via npm
sudo npm install forever -g

# and launch it
forever start unmon.js

Then what?

  1. Browse to http://localhost:8083 and check out your server's content
  2. Customize your server or its content to suit your needs
Monk: "What is the one road of Ummon?"
Ummon: "Personal Experience!"
Monk: "What is the Way?"
Ummon: "Go!"
Monk: "What is the road, where is the Way?"
Ummon: "Begin walking it!"

Additional resources

  1. My youtube channel has a few tutorials.
  2. Learn about Markdown (unmon uses marked by chjj)
  3. Learn some Javascript, HTML, and CSS at Codecademy
  4. See the doc folder, also available locally in your filesystem and via your webserver as soon as you launch it.