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Welcome to the Bus-Route-Management-System wiki!

Project lead : Nikhil VJ, Contact : nikhil.js [at]

Concept Diagram

concept diagram


27.6.16: Overall design is ready, specifics being put in place. Nothing coded as of now.
5.7.16: Basic working prototype for demonstrating stops and routes linkage created here: Login with id: test, pw: test to explore it from the inside.
13.7.16: Achieved reverse relationship linking between routes and stops. So now when we see a stop's profile, we get a list of the routes that pass by it. Example
25.7.16: Built in timings/schedule fields for routes in the wordpress prototype.
25.7.16: Nikhil: Am seriously considering the option of building this completely inside wordpress itself. Challenges: bulk upload of stops/routes, interface for operators (use native wp post editing only or some other layout?)
11.8.16: Looking for testers, enthusiasts! Please get in touch, you'll be added as editors on the protoype site and you can try out the system and give feedback. No technical skills needed.
12.8.16: Snapshot of the prototype site uploaded on repo. How to redeploy at your end: Unzip the file. Set up a basic site on your server. Install the plugin "All-in-one WP migration". Find it in the dashboard sidebar, go to Import section, and upload this .wpress file. Follow the instructions given.

Aim(s) of the project

  • A tool to help a public transit system like Pune's, digitize and easily manage their stops, routes and schedules data.
  • Making any city's public transport system IoT-ready
  • Putting bus stops and bus routes on the map

On technical side...

  • Making bus routes management stop-centric
  • Make routes uniquely reference a central list of stops
  • Automate GTFS creation from a database of stops and routes

Join us for this project! Skills we're looking for:

  • PHP (or a better way to put it all on cross-platform web browser interface!)
  • MySQL (or a better way to store, retirieve and edit the data!)
  • Mapping on the web, using leaflet.js or Mapbox (or better!)
  • Javascript programming (or better!)
  • Web interface design: CSS, Bootstrap, HTML (or better!)

If you're interested in this but aren't sure about how you can contribute, please get in touch. We need all kinds of heads here.



Quick Links


System-wide functions

Unique code/ID function


Phase 1 : Stops Management


Display stops

Create or Edit a Stop

Phase 2 : Routes Management


Display Routes

Create or Edit a Route

Phase 3 : GTFS Creation

Understanding GTFS

GTFS creation

Phase 4,5 : Bells and Whistles; wrapping in a container like Wordpress plugin

Other sites:

Paid Services:

[AddTransit] (
[Trillium] (

Give your feedback, suggestions

See Feedback, Suggestions collected so far

This project is volunteer-driven and the output is going to be open source. If you would like to contribute in any way, click here.

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