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The Mozilla and Eclipse Defect Tracking Dataset

Welcome to the Mozilla and Eclipse Defect Tracking Dataset: a dataset with over 200.000 reported bugs extracted from the Eclipse and Mozilla projects (respectively 47.000 and 168.000 reported bugs). Besides providing a single snapshot of a bug report, we also include all the incremental modifications as performed during the lifetime of the bug report. Below, you can find additional information about the dataset.

Table of Contents


The Eclipse and Mozilla Defect Tracking Dataset contains the bug reported for 4 popular products retrieved from both Eclipse and Mozilla. Below, we show the selected products along with some basic information for Eclipse and Mozilla respectively.

Product Number of components Number of reports
Platform 22 24.775
JDT 6 10.814
CDT 20 5.640
GEF 5 5.655
Product Number of components Number of reports
Core 137 74.292
Firefox 47 69.879
Thunderbird 23 19.237
Bugzilla 21 4.616

As an end-user of software application reports a malfunctioning in a software application, the end-user provides contextual information concerning the observed bug. The information provided in a bug report can be modified during its lifetime. There are several reasons why changing/updating the information of a reported bug is desirable:

  • a report is incomplete and thus does not include vital information to fix the bug
  • a report provides inaccurate information
  • an update of the current development state, e.g., the status of a bug report changes from new to assigned and subsequently to closed

With each report in the dataset, a list of modifications provides the full update history.

Structure of the Dataset

As we see above, the Eclipse and Mozilla Defect Tracking Dataset is bundled as a set of XML files. Both Eclipse and Mozilla have a separate directory consisting of the products we previously selected. Each product directory contains for each bug attribute an XML file containing the corresponding information. We distinguish reports.xml from the other XMl files: reports.xml contains the attributes that remain unchanged after reporting while the other XML files provide all the updates occurred for the particular attribute. We also show an example of the updates that occurred for the short_desc bug attribute.


We demonstrate the usage of the dataset using the following examples:

We need you!

We need you to make the dataset more useful for researchers. If you have any questions and/or suggestions to improve the dataset, don't hesitate to contact us or submit an Issue on this page. In our case, we are particularly interested in the following things:

  • Inclusion of additional projects
  • Integration of the bug dataset with other repositories, e.g.: CVS/SVN repositories, email communication, ...
  • Contribution of your results and/or scripts of your experiment to this Github repository
  • References to your papers (Bibrefs!) where this dataset has been used

Citing us

Please refer to our work when this dataset was relevant to your paper.

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