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Update form type

Close #8935
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yesmeck committed Jan 11, 2018
1 parent ebac0f7 commit 33119ec535e7b819541d4753464871988b37dd6f
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  1. +6 −4 components/form/Form.tsx
@@ -85,15 +85,17 @@ export type WrappedFormUtils = {
/** 设置一组输入控件的值*/
setFields(obj: Object): void;
/** 校验并获取一组输入域的值与 Error */
validateFields(fieldNames: Array<string>, options: Object, callback: ValidateCallback): any;
validateFields(fieldNames: Array<string>, callback: ValidateCallback): any;
validateFields(options: Object, callback: ValidateCallback): any;
validateFields(callback: ValidateCallback): any;
validateFields(fieldNames: Array<string>, options: Object, callback: ValidateCallback): void;
validateFields(fieldNames: Array<string>, callback: ValidateCallback): void;
validateFields(options: Object, callback: ValidateCallback): void;
validateFields(callback: ValidateCallback): void;
validateFields(): void;
/** 与 `validateFields` 相似,但校验完后,如果校验不通过的菜单域不在可见范围内,则自动滚动进可见范围 */
validateFieldsAndScroll(fieldNames?: Array<string>, options?: Object, callback?: ValidateCallback): void;
validateFieldsAndScroll(fieldNames?: Array<string>, callback?: ValidateCallback): void;
validateFieldsAndScroll(options?: Object, callback?: ValidateCallback): void;
validateFieldsAndScroll(callback?: ValidateCallback): void;
validateFieldsAndScroll(): void;
/** 获取某个输入控件的 Error */
getFieldError(name: string): Object[];
getFieldsError(names?: Array<string>): Object;

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@pierre-H pierre-H commented on 33119ec Jan 11, 2018

Thanks !

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